Friendship, Teamwork and Details…

It took some time but I managed to assemble my team of people who I am working with. There is Iven Zeijdel and Oscar Bor who was there from the get-go; Gianno Silvanie, Jheryll Richardson, Roxx Linkers, Ian Sillé and many more who came along later on…In fact, the magic of Superando Documentary Concert has actually forged a deeper bond between us all.

The first day of the concert on April 1st went with flying colors. The second day, on the other hand, proved to be trying. We were experiencing some technical difficulties on the second day of the show, which had set me off emotionally. In the midst of getting ready for the show, when everything is supposed to be ready and nothing is allowed to go astray, our computer crashed. You see, that particular computer was the show’s engine. A big part of our production consisted of videos and lights, which were on that computer. So you can understand that without it, there was no show.

We were looking at the likelihood of having to give a concert in the dark. This was another thing, dealing with the computer crisis no one remembered to put up the balloons on the second day, which was also a part of the production. We had someone take care of this, but quickly realized that they were way too small and had zero effect.

So there we were with no computer and no balloons and all we had was music. I knew that something had to be done and that panicking was not an option. So I called the team together, production crew, film crew, sales team, our speakers and explained that there was nothing we could do about the computer. However, this project is about ‘overcoming’, so we had to practice what we preached. We set out on the impossible task to open up the balloons in order to re-inflate them.

So here we were re-opening the balloons and re-inflating them, all the while we were already 30 minutes late for the show. We were actually having fun trying this impossibly difficult task and halfway through all the laughter the computer started working again. In the end, we had a complete show with lights, videos and everything.

That whole process felt like therapy. If you zoom in too much on the negative, you won’t find a solution. We needed each other in that moment and knew where we needed to fix our energy. Zoom in on what IS, that thing that might be the solution and brings everyone together. That’s the lesson I learned.

“No ami so a supera e anochi ei, pero komo team tambe nos a supera.”

The beauty of Superando Documentary Concert is that it is a collective of friendship, teamwork, and details. Make time to come and experience this show.

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