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Levi Silvanie | PRESS KIT

Levi Silvanie
Nov 3, 2016 · Unlisted

artist & creative entrepreneur

Levi Silvanie (1987) is a Curaçaoan independent artist and creative entrepreneur.

After having to remodel his life and career due to a car accident, Levi turned to songwriting and storytelling as sources of self-development and motivation. “My work is inspired by the passion for helping individuals and brands become better versions of themselves; music and storytelling are my tools.” Currently, he promotes his newest single & music video ‘Take Flight’.

Take Flight: bringing the world together in times of separation

Levi Silvanie launches his new track and video in massive watch party on YouTube

Rotterdam, March 26, 2020 — No story is a purer testimony of the strength of profound connections between people than the story behind Take Flight. With this new track, Curacao’s own singer/songwriter Levi Silvanie makes a comeback — after three years of absence. It’s a song with not just a remarkable background story, but also a unique message. And everybody’s invited to join the release — from the comfort of their homes — during a massive YouTube watch party on March 27.

Levi wrote the song Take Flight almost eight years ago. In the turbulent year 2012, which was marked for the artist by the death of a dear friend and a broken engagement, he laid the groundwork for this track. Oddly enough, or maybe just because of that, Take Flight is about the strength of connections between people, and overcoming the fear to engage in these connections. It feels like it’s meant to be that now, in these times of social distancing, this track that connects us is released.

Take Flight is about being open to loving one another. Everyone is unique, and therefore we must sometimes put aside the fear to be close to someone and to love each other,” says Levi. Taking flight doesn’t have to be about jumping off a plane, or some other enormous gesture. Levi: “I believe that the solution is to primarily learn to connect to, and love, yourself. The more you make the connection with yourself, the more you’ll learn about your inner strength — your ability to go through life growing, trusting that you’ll be alright no matter what. And the beauty of it all is that when you learn to connect with yourself, you’ll be able to see yourself in everything and everyone around you.”

Levi: “It is moments like these that remind us as individuals of the impact that we can have on each other and on our planet. And therefore, it shows us the importance of togetherness. Even though we are ‘forced’ to practice social distancing, in a way, we need to allow these times to bring us together, because it’s only together that we will get through this. Anyone and everyone can make a difference, we just need to learn how to do it as a team — together.” This can also be seen in the video, which was directed by Shariff Nasr and produced by André Freyssen from Video Agency. In this video we see an unorthodox friendship take shape between a little boy who’s locked out of his house, roaming the streets of Rotterdam and a homeless man who helps the boy get back home. In the video, they pass by people who each in their own way find their strength and experience an important phase of their life. These people suddenly transform into a flock of birds — a transition that symbolizes the strength that they find.

How Take Flight was created

Levi also sees that connection in the story of how Take Flight came into being: “When I sent the demo music to Isak Strand, the co-producer of Take Flight, I didn’t know him. But I took a risk and got inspiration in return. I had to learn to trust people in order to grow. We can learn so much from each other, but you have to allow yourself to let it happen, to open yourself up to that form of growth.”

When Levi is touring through the Netherlands with Jandino (Asporaat), Shariff Nasr is in the audience one night when Levi plays Take Flight. Coincidentally, they share a ride back to Rotterdam. During this ride, Shariff tells Levi how the song moved him, and that he wants to direct a video for the song. Together with André from VideoAgency he manages to get the required budget. The video is recorded and shown for the first time at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). This was a very conscious choice, says Levi: “The video was shot in my city, Rotterdam, and to be exact, in my neighborhood. This neighborhood represents ‘connection’ to me, and recording the video here felt like the obvious choice.”

Now the moment has come to share this story with the audience. Levi’s fans can count on the singer/songwriter to be the way he always is: in his open, honest, and upfront way, he will open himself up to connect with his audience through this story. His wish is to do this in the form of an album to make this connection timeless.

Collaborate on the album

Because Levi believes in the power of collaboration, he wants to create his new album together with his audience. The album will, therefore, be financed through crowdfunding.

Make a Donation! Support the new album.

Coming soon on TV

Take Flight and the new album aren’t the only news. Levi will appear on We Want More, a new talent show that will be broadcasted on Dutch TV. More info about the crowdfunding campaign and the new TV show will be shared soon on Levi’s social media channels.

More Take Flight

Listen to Take Flight now on your favorite streaming platforms:



Levi Silvanie (pron.: /layˈvee/; born in Curaçao on November 7, 1987) is an artist: music-maker, storyteller, writer, and creative entrepreneur. Founder of OPEN HOUSE CONCERT and co-author of ‘Hearty’ the book.

Hearty is a multi-lingual story written by Levi together with his close friend Rosabelle Illes, an artist, writer, and performer from the island of Aruba. The book tells the story of Hearty — a passionate and energetic heart that one day decides he wants to be something other than simply a heart. He makes a journey around the body to see what it’s like to be an eye, smell what it’s like to be a nose, feel what it’s like to be a hand or a foot, taste what it’s like to be a mouth, and hear what it’s like to be an ear. During his adventure, Hearty learns a lot, but the most profound lesson comes when he realizes the importance of a small heart in a big world.

The message of his hit song ‘Djis Mi Mes’ (“Simply me,” 2010) forms the backbone of this book. Hearty the book debuted in Aruba (2018), Curaçao (2019), and Florida (2020).



Levi Silvanie hails from the Dutch Caribbean Island Curaçao and is an international, independent artist and singer-songwriter who first came to prominence after releasing his first single “Bek”, in 2010.

He went on to release his much-loved album “Different” which contained the hit single “Djis Mi Mes (Simply Me)”. ► Listen to Djis Mi Mes on Spotify.

After receiving glowing reviews from his performances at Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival, Levi went on to collaborate with the Metropole Orchestra and Joss Stone. He was also invited by comedian Jandino Asporaat to sing his latest single ‘Take Flight’ on his popular Dutch Television program ‘Dino Show’.


In 2016, he decided to challenge himself by creating a stripped-back, personal and acoustic show without his band and all the protocol associated with sizable productions. He simply wanted these smaller shows to be about experiencing music in an intimate yet open setting. He called this project ‘OPEN HOUSE CONCERT’.

For the past few years, Levi has been mainly doing these home concerts.

Sunshine Soul

Levi’s music is a mixture of different styles and genres, a dash of folk, a hint of pop with a splash of Jazz. Throw in his Caribbean background to add that worldly sound to the mix and you get a unique blend. He sings in both English and his native language of Papiamentu. His songs are catchy and drenched with positive vibes.

They call him — “the singer-songwriter of sunshine soul.”

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For the latest videos visit Levi Silvanie’s YouTube channel



By Gonneke van den Kieboom Oct.13th 2016

Tonight, October 13th, Levi Silvanie’s new song “Take Flight” will be launched on Dutch national TV in the very popular ‘Dino Show’. As tonight’s Jandino Show is the last of this season at 09:25 pm on RTL5, the expected viewers audience will be bigger than ever. Levi Silvanie joins Jandino on-air and in Jandino’s sold-out theatre tour in 40 theaters in The Netherlands.

Levi Silvanie wrote “Take Flight” 4 years ago, as a personal journey through his fears and aspirations. “This song pushes me to live my dreams”, the popular singer/songwriter explains. “I have been working on the production of ‘Take Flight’ in beautiful Sweden, and when Jandino heard the song, he insisted that we release the song on his show”.

Tonight, Thursday 13th of October, Levi debuts on Dutch Television during the Last Dino Show of this season, featuring an acoustic version of his upcoming single ‘Take Flight’.

Levi is currently touring with Jandino, as a surprise/support act during his newest show starring Judeska ”Van Je Familie Moet je Het Hebben”. A tour consists of 40 shows throughout the Netherlands and will end with a grand finale show in the Heineken Music Hall.

Curaçao North Sea Jazz festival

featuring Levi Silvanie by Marek Dębicki

On September 2nd and 3rd, Curaçao will be transformed into a music lover’s true paradise. The cream of the musical crop will perform live on stage on the 2011 edition of Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival. Among them is Curaçao’s own star Levi Silvanie.

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Last year was the kickoff of the North Sea Jazz Festival on Curaçao. The event originated from a Dutch festival, held first in The Hague in 1976. In that year, jazz legends such as Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, and Stan Getz appeared on stage before more than nine thousand visitors. Today, around 65,000 to 70,000 music lovers from all over the world visit the Dutch festival. The contemporary editions of North Sea Jazz have a more poppy feel to them, making the festival more accessible to the mainstream audience. At the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival, jazz meets the Caribbean. Last year proved to be a great success at doing so. Musical heavyweights like Simply Red, Raul Midón, Natalie Cole, Grupo Fantasma, Mulato as well as Randal Corsen & Roy Hargrove & El Negro and, last but not least, Lionel Richie, turned the beginning of September into a two-day musical spectacle the likes of which Curaçao had never seen before.

This year, the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival will not be inferior to last year’s edition. The lineup includes world-famous icons like Sting, Stevie Wonder, and Earth Wind & Fire. Next to these world-famous musical geniuses, Caribbean superstars like Juan Luis Guerra and Curaçao’s own Levi Silvanie will make their appearance. Levi will perform on the first day of the event, where he will experience his first night ever on stage at the North Sea Jazz Festival.


Levi Silvanie Company

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