There’s a superhero in all of us.

I remembered listening to Izaline Calister’s first single and having an explosion of inspiration. That day I made a promise to myself, that if I should ever make music, It would also be in Papiamentu. (Who I AM)

I got the album as a gift. Everybody around me knew I was crazy about the music that Izaline and her trustees were making. I wanted to know the names of each and every person who played on the album…I even imagined myself working with them. Mind you!…. This album was my daydreaming drug. Whenever I wanted or needed to fly, I’d put on that album.

I never knew I would become an artist (music maker), but I know for a fact that this album and the people who made it possible; helped shape me, changed my life and how I look at things. It motivated me and dared me to dream.

Today I can say that I had the honors of working with most of the musicians from the “Soño di un muhe” album…and I am blessed to call some of them my close friends. They help me to believe in myself and to be innovative.

Russel ‘Konki’ Halmeyer & Eric Calmes are Superheroes…

Russel ‘Konki’ Halmeyer(Steel Drums) + Eric Calmes(Bass) Photography by Leonid Antonia

I’ve been a drummer since I was 11. I was shy guy, but drumming in church was easy since that was my comfort zone.
Despite my shyness and length(I was so small you barely see me sitting behind the drums); I stood out. Apparently I was talented drummer and people(mostly local musicians) were always talking about it; the tiny drummer. (
Yu di Glenn)

I don’t remember exactly how we met, but I know Marvin now over 15 years, and always looked up to him. An ‘uber’ talented drummer, percussionist, composer and singer. He’s not necessarily the most virtuous musician on the block, but he’s definitely a passionate musician. He respects music with his heart & soul. Like I said….I look up to him, but he was always going around telling everyone that I’m the greater drummer. “Why?…I don’t know”.

Imagine that for a while…

Imagine the person you look up to, turns to you and say: “I look up to YOU”…

He was the first to introduce me to entertainment(me the shy guy). We used to play drums on Fridays during recess, just for the fun of it. The Whole school would gather around to hear us play. The girls danced while we flowed from one rhythm to another. We battled on the drums and take solo turns. I hated solo’s, but he thought me how to play a proper solo.

Thanks to Marvin I dared to perform in public. I became more spontaneous as a musician. Even though we battled it was never about competition, It was about the bigger picture. Bringing people together, creating and enjoying the gift of music.

From Marvin I learned to be confident which helps me today as an artist.

Marvin is a Superhero…

Marvin Snijders(Percussion) Photography by Leonid Antonia

I was performing at Bar 27 one night; when I noticed a really freaking dope beard standing in the crowd☺… He had the pointy mustache thing going on. I was amazed. He looked like a pirate,… “aaaaand now he’s looking straight at me…(awkward)”.

Somehow we started talking right after I got off the stage.
I soon took note that he was using a cane…. “He must be a pirate” I think.

- “You don’t know me, but your music saved my life” he said, and my heart started sprinting. He continued by telling me his story. About a scuba-dive incident that left him paralyzed and caused the life of his girlfriend.

I was moved…speechless, but I had tons of questions. I wanted to know everything about this man.

“Paralyzed?” I asked.

“Yes,…but I couldn't give up. They told me I have 50% chance of being able to stand on my own two feet again, but I was determined and stubborn enough to believe that I can ..and I will walk again.”

Andy was standing when I met him(“oh by the way; the pirate’s name is Andy”). He said that my music saved his life. The music helped him to push forward and keep moving. What he didn't know is that he saved my life that night. For a very long time I felt like I wasn't going anywhere. I’m not a quitter, but I wasn't seeing the reason why I should push forward. I thanked him and gave him a CD.

Today Andy’s one of the people I turn to whenever I need some saving.

Andy is a superhero...

Andy Kirchner(The Pirate of 2nd Life Curacao) Photography by Leonid Antonia

I've been thinking about how to finish this story…I won’t!… I’ll let the lyrics from one of my own song’s do the talking…Enjoy!

Superhero Song

by Levi Silvanie

I hear the people say: There he goes he again flying high in the sky it’s the superhero man. Faster then the speed of light, he never looses a fight. Superhero man is always right. Or so they think, but the world doesn't have a clue. A superhero’s point of view.
Why couldn't I be normal, but what is? And if I was, how and what would I be? Would I be happier? Would I be satisfied? And if I wasn't me would I still get to win these fights?
I've noticed these super powers that I hold. Influence of my every action. The reason for a child’s reaction, lighting up with joy and satisfaction. What they want to be when they grow big. Just a simple song that can motivate. School teachers they can educate, but I don’t want potential to go to waste.
Take a look at yourself and you will realize, the influence you carry inside. Just ask yourself; what can you do with who you are? You can also make a difference in this world and save a life.
I hear the people say: There he goes he again flying high in the sky it’s the superhero man. Faster then the speed of light, he never looses a fight the superhero man is always right. Or so they think, but the world doesn't have a clue. A superhero lives in you.
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