Tempus — Voice Acting

Levi Stenton
3 min readDec 15, 2018

Today marks the end of week seven, study week for me. Which means that by next Wednesday my team and I must have a completed beta build of the game with all core mechanics working and a start-to-finish. Which for me means a gigaton of designing the story, room scenery, and player pathing in the current build we have in Unity. On top of that, I must refine and implement the voice recordings we recorded using the dialogue from my story and give them subtitles as well as make sure they match up with the ‘memories’ that the player will be experiencing as the central dynamic of our game.

A few weeks have passed since my last blog where I stated that as the writer of our team I had to produce a story for our game. Not only did I do just that, I saw it fitting that since we have a male and female character in our game it would be wise to have male and female actors to voice those characters. Luckily for myself, I know a few friends in high places. My talented QUT actors here in the picture above, Michael Vandersande (left), and Samantha Lush (right) were glad to assist a friend in need and also use the opportunity of working with other forms of media to their advantage.

Thankfully we have this opportunity because of Patrick (?), an audio student. On the day of pitching to other cohorts, he approached us and asked if he could record our audio and I responded saying that we’ll require a recording studio for two voice actors. On the day he promptly had the room set up and we started the recordings. Recording for the first few attempts was rather tedious as Matthew and I had to cover a few lines while we awaited the actors’ arrival. Not only were our poor attempts of voice acting quite hilarious, we discovered many small errors we needed to change and iterate upon to have a better script. Soon later when the actors eventually arrived, after a fair few attempts with only a few hours to record I think my actors did a brilliant job and I look forward to seeing their talents on display in our game as Aspher and Mira.

​​As Dakota has already implemented all the core system mechanics and functions, all that is left now for the Tempus beta is to finish the scenery and environment for the level design and implement the subtitles from the dialogue. The subtitles and dialogue will be tasked to me while I believe the level design will be left with Matthew and perhaps Kira as they are both skilled level designers. I look forward to seeing how the beta will turn out and I also look forward to hearing the feedback from the play-testers.