5 Tips for Customer Success in Edtech

Very few Customer Success resources speak to the unique complexity of Customer Success in Edtech. This list seeks to begin to fill that void.

1. Time on the phone with a teacher or administrator is rare. Don’t waste it!

If you have a phone appointment come prepared. At the beginning of any license cycle identify and collect all needed information. Create a checklist for this purpose. If your process involves follow up check-in calls, schedule them while you have your contact on the phone.

2. Identify and connect with at least 2 contacts at each school/district.

There is turnover in the school system. A teacher who was your product champion one year, may not be there the next. Having multiple points of contact will help ensure that your product does not slip through the cracks when it comes to implementation or budgeting.

3. Get the contact information for the person in charge of renewal.

Ask from the start for the name and contact information of the individual responsible for the renewal process. Often this individual is different than your primary contact for program implementation. Though asking about anything related to renewal at on onset may seem premature, you will be saving everyone time in the long run.

4. Spend time convincing your teachers that they can’t “break” the product and then remind them of this often.

It is not uncommon for a teacher to hold onto a product related issue for weeks before reporting it. The main reason why? They thought the issue was their fault. Remind teachers that the job of the company is to create a program that is intuitive and unbreakable and that if it does “break” it means that the company has screwed up, not the teacher. Convince customers of this early and often or you’ll be spending too much time convincing customers to give the program another shot after a issue motivated period of non-use.

5. Create multiple avenues for immediate support.

When a product doesn’t work it can throw off an entire class period. Create ways for teachers to easily contact support immediately- live chat features work great here! Self-help resources are also key. Make sure these are easily accessible and well organized. An energetic classroom of students is not going to wait quietly by while the teacher struggles to sort out the issue. Don’t make the teacher wait either.

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