How Zenify became one of the most successful meditation apps on Product Hunt!

Zenify app introduces a new approach to meditation, which doesn’t require a patience of a monk. The app helps you achieve mindfulness with little exercises that take minimal effort, but can have great results.

Before I tell you the story, here is our page on Product Hunt

OK, we have built a great product, but how do we reach out to the world? Several months ago buzzfeed wrote a review of 18 apps for meditations and Zenify got the second position in that list which brought an enormous traffic. However within a week after the publication all the buzz was gone :)

Last several months we’ve been trying to contact bloggers, journalists, meditation and mindfulness sites asking them to write a review but all in vain.

Until one day we’ve been suggested to launch on Product Hunt. After doing some research we learned that it’s very important to be hunted by a top hunter. So we reached out to several influential ones and luckily a very charming and successful hunter Violeta Nedkova, with a few thousands followers on Product Hunt, agreed to hunt Zenify. We’ve set the date and took time to prepare for the launch, working out details like welcome message on landing page, twitter and facebook profiles, list of communities to share the news on the launch day etc.

On the launch day we have stayed in the top allmost all the time, becoming the most upvoted app of the day! Editor in Chief of PCmag, top hunters and other influencers have upvoted Zenify which was a huge success! We’ve received many positive comments and have had a nice discussion on the product page. Surprisingly votes still keep coming and we are currently the second most upvoted meditation app ever launched on Product Hunt. Just a few points below Headspace.

At the end of the launch week Digital Trends posted a review of 5 best apps of the week. Check it out here

But the culmination of all the story is Lifehacker’s post solely dedicated to Zenify! Take a look here. has almost 3m followers on twitter and 2m+ likes on facebook. Immediately the article got tweeted, retweeted and reposted hundreds of times generating huge traffic to our app pages.

Thanks to all upvoters, Product Hunt and Violeta for making it possible :)


Founder, Zenify

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