prostatitis diet

Prostatitis refers to a variety of complex causes caused by the symptoms of urinary tract irritation and chronic pelvic pain as the main clinical manifestations of prostate disease. Prostatitis is a common disease of urology, urology in the 50-year-old male patients accounted for the first. Although the incidence of prostatitis is high, but the cause is still not very clear, especially non-bacterial prostatitis, so its treatment to improve the main symptoms

Antibiotics At present, in the clinical practice of treating chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, the most commonly used first-line drugs are antibiotics, but only about 5% of patients with chronic prostatitis have a clear bacterial infection.So, prostatitis patients in life which taboo?Correct understanding of prostatitis, prostatitis is a chronic disease, its treatment and rehabilitation have a longer process.To promote the balance of meals, with the thickness, eat more rich in vitamins, antioxidants, zinc preparations of fresh vegetables.Usually should be diverted attention, to avoid excessive self attention. To avoid the process of emotional ups and downs, to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.Drink plenty of warm water on weekdays to ensure that sleep does not stay up all night, eat light do not eat fried barbecue spicy spicy food, pay attention to self-care, strengthen physical exercise, prevent colds, active treatment of other parts of the body infection, improve the body resistance.

Prostate clinical manifestations of diversification, may appear perineum, suprapubic region, groin area, genital pain discomfort; urinary tract symptoms for urination when burning, urgency, frequent urination, urination pain, may be associated with urinary end hematuria or urethral pus Sexual infection; acute infection may be associated with aversion to cold, fever, fatigue and other systemic symptoms.Cause prostatitis for a variety of reasons, the daily diet is one of the poor, so prostatitis patients in the active treatment at the same time, should pay attention to the diet, so as not to adversely affect their own health. Can not eat spicy food: such as green onions, raw garlic, pepper, pepper and other spicy food, because these foods can cause vasodilation and organ congestion. Bogey tobacco: wine is a kind of blood vessels to dilate the role of drinks.Prostatitis patients do not eat too greasy, spicy, irritating food, eat more foods containing zinc, drink plenty of water. Usually, the family can put some rich zinc-containing pumpkin seeds, eat about 30g a day, so that can be a good prevention of prostate disease. Eat dry fruit, leeks, fruit, fresh fruit juice, sweet bean curd.

For the treatment of prostatitis diet, whether acute prostatitis or chronic prostatitis, the choice of food should be more choice of cool, Warming food, eat or eat fried fried, spicy hot things, coffee, cocoa , Spirits and other beverages and cigarettes are in the list of prostitution.Daily more zinc, selenium to the prostate anti-inflammatory sterilization. You can eat more zinc, selenium, protein content of food such as yam, tomato, sweet potato, animal liver, the effect will be better.

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