Bottom line is that many distilleries have been GMO-free for a long time due to the realities of…
Wayne Parrott

I asked Jimmy Russell, the long-time Wild Turkey master distiller, about how the corn they used had changed in an interview at least 10 years ago, expecting to hear about yields and flavor. Instead, he started talking about how they were using non-GMO corn because of the European market. The European market is strongly resistant to GMO products; some say it’s health, some say it’s simple economic protectionism, some say it’s farm subsidies. For whatever reason, with the export market for bourbon growing very, very fast indeed, it behooves Wild Turkey and other bourbon makers to consider that in their grain selection and marketing. It’s not about science, it’s about customer relations. 
Of course, Jimmy also said that with the way corn propagates, with wind-borne pollen sometimes traveling 20 miles…it’s hard to say corn IS non-GMO without doing genetic testing.

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