A case against Christianity from a Kenyan

I come from a long line of religious fundamentalists, who hold close the precepts of religious dogma in guiding their daily lives. The introduction of the christian religion to Africa in the late years of the 19th century and a more aggressive evangelistic presence in the 20th century hallmarked a definitive part in the religious history of most African nations.

Over an extended duration of time, pre-colonization Africa enjoyed a period of religious liberty and freedom, even in the more dominant parts of the continent where modern definitions of power would have alluded to some sinister hegemonic tendencies at least on a continental basis, there was broadly an acceptance of individual religious affiliations despite the dominant roles of Islam in much of west Africa during the Mali empire regime.

This has been presumed to also have been the case in the northern parts of Africa through the interaction of the Nubians and the Egyptians, where despite back and forth conquests of various leaders, there seemed a limited intent among the dominant factions in forcefully establishing religious and cultural dominance over their conquests especially through violence.

Initial European missionaries into Africa were a little more than just mere spies and scouts for the eventual despots that would colonize the continent. Their humble demeanor during the initial contacts with the natives were truly of Christ like nature, they had much to loose then, it would be presumed. Yet the history of Christianity in the continent from which they came was anything but humble and accepting. Far from it, the darkest periods in Europe consisting of brutal torture and murders of mere civilians was perpetuated by Christians against fellow Christians.

The lines separating church and state in 16th century Europe were not only extremely blurred to so some degree borderline in-existent, the church was state. The church acquiring such powers meant their will was law and every semi genocidal attempt they ravished against a sect of people was not only politically inline with the rule of the national leader but a direction from God himself.

It is from this backlog of moral ineptitude that most if not all missionaries attempted to infiltrate the dark continent, to free the barbarians from their backward ways and usher them to the light of the lord, by all means neccessary.

In hindsight maybe suspicion of the white God narrative would have sufficed as reason enough for an early revolt by the natives, yet be as it may the colonization ensured the deep roots of modern Christianity in most of colonized and post-colonization Africa.

With time during and post colonization the natives imbibed the teachings of Christianity and took them to heart, alternating their beliefs and Gods for this new found savior that promised redemption and eternal after life bliss. It was subtle for a while with the white man’s God being given local names thus localizing the narrative of his universality.

With time it became more explicit with lines being drawn in the sand, it was either the old ways of doing things or the new found way of life, it was Jesus or nothing. The picture of traditional African beliefs and culture was painted as savage and demonic while the new improved version of redemption was hailed as the hallmark of civility and peacefulness.

Presently more than 85% of the Kenyan population affiliates with Christianity to a certain degree, the certain degree would encompass the various christian derivatives that have arisen. The common denominator of all these entities being their ability to induce fear and complacency. The cowardly nature of a majority of these christian institutions have been known to peddle the gospel of prayers as a silver bullet in solving societal degradation.

Gone are the days the clergy in the person of David Njoya would be brutalized on the streets of Nairobi as a result of vigorous demonstrations against a despotic regime. The contemporary apostolic bunch believe in the aesthetics of humility and the Karma of godly justice against the wicked.

So inextricable are their cowardly antics from their hypocritical tendencies it’s impossible to tell the two apart, when they are not accepting corrupt politicians in their congregations they are themselves looting their congregants of their meagre earnings through prosperity sermons, which only seem to work one way.

Religion more so Christianity in this country has created such egotistical fundamentalism and pastoral deification that important issues insinuating a liberal approach to affairs such as legalizing abortions and LGBTQ rights are deemed as foreign interventions which is ironic regarding the origin of their core beliefs.

We continue to experience systemic normalization of hate as based of texts written by semi literate and racist desert dwellers. We refuse to grow up, we simply and intentionally refuse to grow the fuck up.