Systems beat sweat.
I Eavesdropped on a Millionaire For You. Here’s What I Learned.
Todd Brison

In developing Car Window Poetry, I’ve changed systems multiple times in order to create a system that could be scalable as we continue to grow.

It started out with me being the sole poem sharer. People could submit their poems online, but I would end up being the one who had to write the poems and go out and share them. It wasn’t feasible.

Then, I figured out a way for people to buy Car Window Poetry cards through MOO, so they could bring the project to their cities. It wasn’t a super easy-to-use system, so I did away with it.

Next, I decided to start selling Car Window Poetry kits to capitalize on the growth we’d experience through our NBC Nightly News feature. They performed well, but this system excluded teachers from being able to participate in a feasible away.

Then, in a stroke of genius, a friend recommend that I make the Car Window Poetry cards downloadable for free. We had nothing to lose, so I made the transition and it ended up being a game-changer.

In nine months, we’ve had over 1700 card downloads and people sharing encouraging poems in all 50 U.S. states and in over 50 countries worldwide. I’ve also been able to lead more in-class and Skype workshops as teachers only have to download enough cards for their classes then I can take it from there.

Having the right system in place matters.