Working in a Digital World: Adam Constantine

This summer, I wanted to provide my Social Media/Digital Marketing Intern at Young Life with a variety of perspectives on working in the digital world, so I invited a few of my friends, who are also premiere storytellers, to share their stories with her. Below are 10 quotes from Adam Constantine, Elon University’s Social Media Manager, that I believe will be valuable for you…


“Social media is no longer, nor has it ever been, a means to an end — even though that’s how it’s viewed. Right now, it is the vehicle through which we are driving our stories.”


“All you need to care about is, ‘How do I tell my brand story in a way that an audience cares?’”


“Right now, those that are good at social media are good at telling stories.”


“You need to be able to prove that you are telling a good story and that is through your media analytics. You need to be able to not just know what analytics are saying, but be able to tell a narrative with those analytics as well.”


“Underdogs are great in movies — not good in business.”


“I am a quality content poster, meaning, if it’s a great day and there are five pieces of heavy content that should go out, I will put five pieces of content out. If not and there’s one piece, I’m going to put that one piece out and I’m going to let that be as it may because I would rather have engagement over post frequency.”


“Don’t be afraid to frame information in ways that an audience will relate to. Just don’t dilute it to where it seems crass or unsafe.”


“Long-term preservation always outweighs short-term entertainment.”


“Be good at everything. Know how to code, know how to design websites, know how to take photos, know how to make a video, know how to read media analytics — be good at everything.”


“Creative success is all theoretical until you do it.”

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