Lewis C Barbe: Assessing Proper Safety and Health Standards

Lewis C Barbe has spent the past two decades honing his expertise in the field of safety engineering. He is the Director of Engineering for Occupational Safety and Health Services, Inc., a firm that specializes in performing hazard analysis and damage assessment consultation. Barbe has had a fulfilling career that has been decorated with numerous accomplishments and recognition from some of the most recognized entities in the field.

Lewis C Barbe is a member of the American National Standards Institute, the American Society of Safety Engineers, the the Canadian Safety Society, the System Safety Society, the Human Factors Society, the National Fire Protection Association, and the National Safety Council.

Work Experience
Lewis C Barbe has worked with the Stanray Corporation, Westinghouse Electric, Zambni Corporation. He also developed and implemented a safety program for Shredfast Inc.

Lewis C Barbe is the recipient of a Service Award from the Society of Automotive Engineers as well as an award from the National Safety Council for his work for Westinghouse. He holds an Emeritus Status with the Human Factors and Ergonomic Society, and was appointed to represent the US in the ISO/TC159 Safety Data for Human Machine Interactions Committee.

Lewis C Barbe’s contributions to his field include involvement with numerous court cases, where in-depth safety and health analysis was required to reach a verdict. He has called in to be a pivotal factor in these decisions, some of which yielded settlements valued in millions of dollars.

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