What is JSECOIN?

Jsecoin ( javascript embedded cryptocurrency) is the brainchild of James Bachini and his associates, a new cryptocurrency with high aspiring dreams.But what sets apart Jsecoin is its privacy feature and more importantly its mobile-friendly nature.It is one of the few cryptocurrencies that can be mined using an app on your phone.
 Its ability to be mined from any ordinary android phone is remarkable. This is the reason that JSEcoin has been able to attract over one million registered users.

The vision of JSEcoin

The creators of JSEcoin share the vision that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin first held to make crypto coins the common currency for trade. A market where the common man traded Bitcoin for everyday physical products.

But this dream stays elusive because of various problems like the transaction bottleneck issue.

Anyway, JSEcoin tries to achieve this goal by a simple market strategy.

You download or open their browser and run the miner, in return you receive JSEcoin for your mining services. But instead of keeping it idle on your wallet, you can actively use JSEcoin to trade. This will incentivize people to start using more and more JSEcoin. To make this happen the creators have already established contracts with various trading companies.

They believe that the availability of JSEcoin will spring in entrepreneurial ideas and create a market where JSEcoin is the common exchange.

Our ambition is to create an energy efficient cryptocurrency mined by webmasters which is adopted globally by mainstream users.

Leaving all these speculations aside, let’s get on with how you can start JSEcoin mining.

How to do JSECOIN Mining on Computer

You can Mine JSEcoin on Windows, Linus or Mac. We have specified a full guide using Windows as an example.

Let’s start.

Step 1: Download an JSEcoin mining application

If you are already mining other cryptocurrencies in your personal system, then it is relatively easy.

Just download any of the miners for JSEcoin. You can find JSEcoin Windows Miner here. You can also mine JSEcoin on Linux or Mac. The miner software can be found using the same link given above.

If you don’t have a system for mining, then don’t worry. It would be better if you go for mining on your mobile (which is explained later). This is simply because JSEcoin mining does not require that much computing power and the returns are not that high to make a strong profit .

Step 2: Open the JSEcoin browser

Create your JSEcoin Wallet to get your address. The link for creating your own browser wallet is given below:

Step 3: Run the browser miner. Simple.