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Bryce Covert,

Hillary Clinton is a very unconvincing liar, which is relevant to this discussion in one important way: If she did not show a willingness to say just about anything, and if she did not continue to lie about almost everything, then she might win the presidency without the taint of scandal or accusations of criminal activity.

Instead, she sees no disconnect between her lowest lies and her highest aspirations.

She sees no contradiction between her private speeches and her public remarks; she sees no conflicts of interest between foreign agents and her practice of foreign policy; she sees no cause for moderation about her exaggerated claims of impoverishment and her long record of corporate enrichment; she sees no reason for caution involving her reputation for secrecy and her demands for total privacy; she sees no basis for complaint about her apparent contempt of the rule of law and her appalling indifference toward the law of common sense; she sees what she wants, and she does whatever she wants, because she believes her critics are deplorable — and irredeemable — extremists.

Her lies come at the expense of injustice, at home, and the loss of life, abroad.

Her lies insult our intelligence, as her actions — including her possibly perjurious testimony to Congress — reveal an infuriating disregard for the integrity of classified intelligence.

Her lies will determine her fate.