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Claire McNear,

If you want to write about a rigged election, if you want to highlight collusion among power brokers and politicians, if you want to emphasize an unfair system that praises democracy as it undermines the democratic process, if you want to call attention to a series of attacks that elevates one candidate while it seeks to exploit another’s public faith and private religion — if you have any interest in how Hillary Clinton’s aides, and everyone from the leader of the Democratic National Committee to various party apparatchiks, sought to stop Bernie Sanders, if you have even a modicum of outrage about the proposal to portray the Senator as an atheistic version of the Wandering Jew, then I suggest you direct your anger toward Mrs. Clinton.

For we can call Hillary Clinton’s defeat of Bernie Sanders many things, but fair — and transparent — is not one of them. Then again, this victory validates nearly a quarter-century of behavior by, or on behalf of, Mrs. Clinton.

From her secret meetings about health insurance reform to her evasive “answers” about the sudden appearance of the Rose Law Firm billing records to her use of a private email server to her fake indignation concerning questions about the murders in Benghazi to the conflicts of interest between her private speeches and her public remarks, Hillary Clinton has no problem with a rigged democracy — so long as she profits from this system, financially and politically.

With each new disclosure from WikiLeaks, and with each new attempt to condemn Julian Assange for showing us what Mrs. Clinton’s staff said or did, and despite her own request to have had Mr. Assange assassinated in a drone attack, the record is clear: The Democratic nominee for President of the United States would sooner have our government commit an extrajudicial killing — she would sooner end the life of a foreign citizen — than dismiss her workers for their anti-Catholic bigotry or their anti-American ideology.

This election may not be rigged, but Mrs. Clinton’s character most certainly is.

Ruthless to an almost criminal degree, and ready to rationalize just about anything, Hillary Clinton is the anti-Democrat — who also happens to be anti-democratic.

Her presidency will be an affront to the Constitution, which she will do nothing to preserve, protect and defend.

With firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us remain vigilant of Mrs. Clinton’s hatred without succumbing to it.