Misinformed Voters Are A Threat To National And Economic Security.
Greg Ferenstein

Greg Ferenstein,

Your proposed solution to this threat to national security is to send misinformed voters to that intellectual prison known as college.

Where else can someone experience a similar corruption of knowledge and an equal pollution of ideas? Where else can someone forfeit his right to free speech, surrender reason to emotion, cite feelings as a catchall excuse for everything, and end an argument by responding with the non-response that something — anything — is offensive? Where else can a student enjoy these gifts, as he condemns America for its supposed sins and boycotts Israel for its alleged aggression?

This is the place that, according to you, creates informed citizens; that graduates literate souls; that teaches future alumni; that produces defenders of our republican faith; that influences the voices — and voters — of our democracy; that enriches the life of the Union.

This is the nation that you want to transform with civics classes, where there is no mention of the scriptures and no need for the Constitution.

This is the land that you want to rid of misinformed voters by the greatest act of misinformation in the history of American independence.

This is the electorate that you want to educate, so long as they recite a motto of collectivist sentiment and progressive ideology.

This is the country that you want to change by having us say, “I’m with her.”

Let me be the first to reply by saying, “Never.”