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Jared Keller,

A few words about Donald Trump’s “virulent racism,” as he may be the only bigot with an interest in addressing the actual racism that plagues this country; that relegates one generation after another to the same perverted landscape of broken roads, crumbling schools, closed libraries, abandoned factories, shuttered warehouses and shattered lives; that leaves the people without the police protection they need, as it leaves the police without the trust of the people they need to protect; that serves as a convenient backdrop for Democratic politicians, who condemn racism while their policies do nothing to stop it.

Perhaps that is why Mr. Trump, a candidate I do not support, believes he has nothing to lose — and blacks have much to gain — by forsaking the very programs that cause many parts of our cities to smolder with rage and burn with fury.

Maybe that is why Trump has the endorsement of Robert F. Kennedy’s former speechwriter, a man whose boss we revere for his humanity during a night of moral darkness and an evening of mournful despair.

In the aftermath of Kennedy’s murder, and following decades of false promises from liberals and few promises from conservatives, Trump may be the only presidential candidate with an interest in the promise of the U.S. Constitution. He may be the only one with a commitment to peace and domestic tranquility.

Denounce him all you want, and demonize him however long you wish, but what you call virulent racism is another way of ignoring the present by having readers forget the past.

Blacks do not deserve the future your candidate would give them.