Do We Need An Airbus for Nuclear?
Third Way

Ultralow energy neutron reactions (LENRs) represent new early-stage innovation in nuclear power. Unlike few-body fission and fusion processes, LENRs heavily utilize the weak interaction and many-body collective quantum effects in condensed matter. Importantly, LENRs are vastly safer and less costly vs. fission or D+T fusion and can scale downward to enable small portable systems as well as upward for stationary power generation.

Moreover, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toyota, Nissan, and Renault (indirectly via Renault-Nissan Alliance) — — that altogether account for a sizeable percentage of global motor vehicle production — — are presently involved in R&D programs aimed at developing LENR technology for power generation. Japanese government is also now funding some of this R&D effort via NEDO. One can only conclude that, even though these companies are unwilling to admit it publicly, their long-term goal must be to replace the internal combustion engine; see public PowerPoint on SlideShare:

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