Daddy Delays and other musings

Yes it’s been a while. Yes, I have some good excuses. But in reality, and the main point around this post is that life has funny ways of throwing you curve balls that you can’t hit.

With a new change in my professional life, I had been putting a lot of mental energy into my new role. Between meetings and buttoning up aspects of my schedule, my writing has been lacking.

However, I’m happy to say, my training has not suffered. Instead, I made sure to carve out the times in my day to get my training in. Even though my box is now sitting in the “slightly inconvenient location”, I can’t leave my community. They all have invested in my training. And, quite frankly, I’m invested in everyone that I’ve met there.

But I digress..

There’s a lot of posts that will/should be happening over the course of the next few days/weeks. My travel to a Portland, Maine box. Changing my training times with my new professional role. The interest my 4 year old daughter is taking in my Crossfit training.

The ideas are there my faithful readers. You will hear them. But such is the life of a Dad in a Box.

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