So Why Start a Crossfit Blog In The First Place

When I started looking at Crossfit there were basically close to zero information on the internet about what to look for, ask, or just what you need to start Crossfit. I had to look at a number of different CF boxes and just “wing it”. I took some advice from friends who either “knew someone” taking Crossfit or made a guess. So I realized I had to start something about the journey and that included my 2 year ramp up to actually joining a CF gym.

As a beginner in Crossfit, having some 101 information at your fingertips is vital so you know whether the person(s) who are training you right for you and YOUR GOALS! What should I expect when I start. What will my journey look like in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months? Here’s where I’m hoping to fill the knowledge graph for people.

So when I started I figured I’d give a little psychology on my start in my first month and use my new found understanding (which has gone from 10% to 60% in the first four weeks) of Crossfit, classes and how things should work.

But let’s start at the beginning. And it all starts as a tale of youth that led to silver hair and a family. A family that I’d like to be functioning for the next 4 decades. And kids that see/learn about fitness and being healthy.

Emmie with “a perfect squat” this morning with my CF shoes

I used to be a tennis pro in Maine. Teaching tennis to kids, teens, adults, seniors for 10+ hours a day for 6–7 days a week. Then I found marketing/advertising and it was more about sitting on your ass versus being in shape 24/7. So through some lifting, swimming, running, random sports, I needed a jolt in my routine of headphones on and grip it/rip it. And then I read about Crossfit.

And spent a full year watching videos. Understanding as much as I could. The good. The bad. The misinformed. (And let’s face it, most of the stuff on the interwebs about CF is either misrepresented or just plain lazy writing.)

That’s when my first child was born. So now it was less about that beach/model body. I won’t be Zack Efron on the “Baywatch” set (look it up…never..getting..there) but I can be healthier and ready for them to grow up and I’ll keep up with them. So I started touring Crossfit boxes around my home, in Boston, and surrounding areas.

I was patient. Which I feel is key at this part of “Why CF?”. You need to find your comfort zone in a CF gym. It’s a commitment both physically and financially. You’re going to be there a lot. And you need to ask questions. Here’s a sample of my off the wall questions that I’ve asked.

What’s your training philosophy? How long have you been teaching CF? How much 1 on 1 time do you try to give each class? What’s your version of “on ramping”?

But what I also realized is that I had only ONE CF box actually ask me questions. The one I joined. They asked me about my fitness experience, what were my goals, and had follow up questions around my answers. That’s when I just needed to fill out the paperwork and get going. Their commitment to ME was as equal as the commitment I was going to make to them and those I’d workout with.

And one more thing that I noticed was that a lot of CF trainers were only Level 1 certified, with some having appeared to be Level 1 for a number of years. While I understand it’s probably a process to go from 1 to 2 to 3, etc, I’d want to know the person that is training me isn’t just a talking beard (love you Max!) with a closet full of cool CF clothing. It’s their commitment to continue their training chops and improve their game for everyone in our CF community. My trainer is a Level 4 trainer and it shows. I trusted him out of the gate. I know he has my goals and best interests in mind. And will understand that when he says “You’re going to love this workout Lewis” that I’m going to be a pile of sweat at the end of it all.

And I’ll love it.

Here’s my Crossfit 101 list

  1. List your own goals. Why even do CF?
  2. Tour MULTIPLE CF boxes. See which one feels right to you.
  3. Ask questions. How do they get you going? Their training philosophy based on YOUR goals.
  4. Be honest with any questions they have.
  5. Know and ask about the coaches certifications.
  6. Don’t worry about gear. Get good CF shoes. Regular workout gear is fine.
  7. Follow people on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. From the athletes. The CF boxes you visit (or intend to visit). Crossfit Corporate.

What are/were your list of items before you started CF? Share them here!

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