Do you want to leave the house ? (Sung to the tune of ‘Do you want to build a Snowman?’ A la Frozen.)

For many people it’s a back to work day today and depending on your point of view that might be a good or bad thing, but for many of us it’s kind of the sleepy middle of the holidays. Christmas and Boxing day are done with for a year and the telly is full of ads to tempt us with new sofas in odd colours or holidays where they all seem to sing and dance a lot.

It is perfectly acceptable during this period to stay home and chill out, watch a huge amount of telly and eat all the treats in the house. Some people however like to leave the house, take a bit of gentle exercise to build up the appetite or if you have kids to run them a bit!!!!

Some potential local options which won’t break the bank…………

Take a stroll by the river

Head to Deptford, have a look around the Creek or have a look at the boats on the Thames. If you have binoculars bring them! One year we actually managed to walk from the Thames Barrier to Tower Bridge. It was a pretty fantastic route that takes you through really diverse areas –past factories, houses, ancient pubs and with lots of chances to spot local wildlife. We hope to recreate that one year but maybe when the kids are older!!!

Visit a local park

The parks are all open and free to visit. A little stroll through one of Lewisham’s green areas can do wonders for the soul and there are so many to pick from.

With time on our side we try to visit one further from home. One New Years eve we went to Maryon Park in next door Greenwich borough famed as a location in 60’s film Blow-Up. It was worth the trip.

Maryon Park

Check out your famous neighbours!

The English Heritage website lists 11 Blue Plaques across Lewisham and they have a fantastic free app which helps you locate them all across London. You can create a very nice little walk and take in a few at a time

There is a fantastic little blog here courtesy of the South London Club or you can check out the app

App in action

As well as the blue plaque’s Lewisham has its own Maroon Plaque scheme which gives a unique historical picture of the borough and is well worth a look. The plaques are nominated by borough residents every year.

Take a trip on the DLR

The DLR is nearly thirty years old! It is still a fantastic way to get around, you can head to town via Bank or Tower Gateway or any number of places in Docklands (Mudchute Farm and Docklands Museum are a favourite with our kids). Sometimes though it’s just nice to sit back and enjoy the ride, it’s not just the kids who like to sit at the front and pretend they are driving! When it’s a nice dry day we often head to Royal Albert Dock and do a bit of plane spotting. If you have the flight radar app on your phone you can see where the planes are coming from and going to. It’s worth taking your own snacks and probably best avoided on very cold or wet days!

Plane spotting

Christmas lights

There’s still time to take in some of the wonderful Christmas lights that people have put up around their homes and the creative Advent windows in the Corbett and Culverley Green Areas of Catford . If you’ve seen most of the local offerings you can have a trip to Greenwich to see what they did- the Greenwich display continues until the 2nd of January




Big fan of living in Lewisham, keen to share information on things to do and places to go. Busy Mum of 2 constantly on the go!

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Alison Cresswell

Alison Cresswell

Big fan of living in Lewisham, keen to share information on things to do and places to go. Busy Mum of 2 constantly on the go!

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