Dual Book Review: ‘Lucky’ and ‘The Ascent Of Money’

The first book to review is ‘Lucky’ by the English Rapper, Professor Green. Incidentally, he got his name for smoking weed. Here is what I said:

Lucky is the life of Professor Green a.k.a Stephen Paul Manderson, a English Hip-Hop artist. The first half of the book, mainly describes his personal life and struggles living in London, touching upon the negative relationship between his parents and in the end, he grew up with his nan. The second half could almost be a behind-the-scenes book, often talking about parties and accidents with the rapper. The book goes in deep with a daunting time, when his father unfortunately committed suicide and left Professor Green with a hole in his life. The only problem, I have with the book and will be of course, being me knit-picking, is the lexicon of slang words. I’m just not a fan of slang words, that’s all. Otherwise, the biography is informative and really good.

Available from: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1471793266

The second book up for my review is ‘The Ascent of Money’ by my favourite author, Professor Niall Ferguson. A fellow Scot. Here is what I said:

Niall Ferguson’s ‘The Ascent of Money is written in a detailed, elegant and sophisticated way describing the historical events in an economics context. As the title suggests, the book dives through the whole concept of money and it’s inevitable rise to become the worthy way of transactioning goods and services between the buyer and seller. Ferguson prescribes the usage of historically anecdotes, to ensure the reader’s understandings of the consequences, screwing up certain economic policies. Contained in the book and the TV documentary, the Spanish revolution epitomises this point. Where the Spanish king, centuries ago, was hungry for gold, to the point, where gold became worthless as there was so much of the stuff. As it comes across in this review, the book provides an educational sentiment, especially in the author’s teachings, history. The anecdotes provided in the book, offer extra satisfaction as you can reflect upon the points being made and as globalisation becomes more complex, countries essentially need to learn from disastrous economical mistakes previous contemporaries made, to ensure a successful country for the future.

Available from: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1432383993

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