My Political View On The Economy And Immigration

Politics is knowingly a messy business, often individuals passionate about their views and espouse them onto other people, hoping to convince them to prescribe to their world views. As common knowledge, politics takes shape in two different categories; Left-Wing or Right-Wing, further divided into Libertarian or Authoritarian. Now that I briefly described the political ends, I prescribe to the Central Libertarian views. Examining both Left-Wing and Right-Wing, I agree on some of their points and disagree on some points, which I encourage everyone to have healthy scepticism.

Let’s start on the Right-Wing. Characteristically, Right-Wingers believe in some sort of religion, whether it be Christianity or Islam or Judaism, sorry to say, but I don’t believe in religion therefore of course, striking out other options, I’m an Atheist. But the points I do agree upon with the Right-Wing is economical treatment, and immigration. While on Left-Wing side, tackling Wealth Inequality and non-religious beliefs, advocating to maintain and remain a secular society. Left-Wingers are tentatively Atheists like myself, but don’t bother with Atheist+, you’ll regret it. Starting with economical treatment, I think the current UK Government consisting of the Conservatives, headed by of course, David Cameron is doing a great job of the economy. According to a Financial Times article, the UK is the fastest growing economy within G7, a group of seven advanced economies grouped together, recording 0.4% of Gross Domestic Product in the first quarter of 2015, exceeding the expected target of 0.3%. David Cameron managed to go against the trendy grain, and implement hardened austerity, affecting usually the poorer parts of society whom rely on benefits to get through in life. While the opposition, the Labour Party headed by an extremist Leftist, Jeremy Corbyn, is taking a stand against financial cruelty against the working class and the poor. This is why I’m a centralist because I can see both elements of the arguments at hand. Sympathising with the Conservatives, Britain and every other country should avoid just dishing out benefits willy nilly, recklessly hurting the country’s finances. But at the same time, why is the conservatives not attacking the riches’ finances. It took a public outcry involving companies such as Starbucks and Google paying little or no corporation tax whatsoever, while the normal working person is absolutely require to pay tax on his/her income to show the Class Inequality within the western hemisphere. How is that fair?

Again I have a mixed feeling with immigration. The current predicament Europe faces with the Syrian refugee crisis, caused by the current Syrian regime and Islamic State has spark conversations about immigration. When the initial crisis began, I formerly was against accepting any refugee whatsoever because I thought the integration process would inevitable fail as a result of vast differing cultures and value, the West and East have. But also with the tightening budgets NHS are facing here in the UK, increasing the population by say 100,000 or more will worsen the situation for the NHS financially. I think what change my mind somewhat, is the skills some refugees are bringing to countries such as Germany and Sweden will eventually benefit the countries because they can tackle skill shortages in some areas such as doctors or trades people. The Left-Wing media however, don’t particular like to discuss something as a result of the current crisis. According to the GateStone Institute, an International Policy Council, Sweden is experiencing a real rape crisis that has increased by a staggering 1,472% which makes Sweden, unfortunately second on the list of rape epidemics, only eclipsed by Lesotho in South Africa. Inevitably, the probable cause of a tremendous increase in rape cases is the result of Islam which completely disrespects Women, and Saudi Arabia recently only gave Women, the chance to vote, which epitomises archaic rules implemented in some Middle Eastern countries. Continuing with the Syrian refugee crisis, worryingly some “refugees” might actually come from different countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq benefiting the opportunities that should only be afforded to people fleeing persecution, not for economic migrants. Although no realistic statistics are out there, too many refugees entering Europe and surrounding countries, don’t have passports so cannot properly be identified.


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