The Ones

There’s the one who makes you truly realize the difference between a boy

and a girl. She will be your awakening as you shed off your Oedipus complex. You can’t wait to hold her hand as you sing along to nursery rhymes during recess. It’s pure and unblemished.

There’s the one who’ll later on be your first kiss. You’ll be so nervous little man. You won’t be sure whether your lips should be moist or not. Open or closed. This is your first challenge into sexuality. You gotta get this right. Sink or swim little man.

The one who’ll break your heart for the first time. The hurt will feel like death by a thousand cuts. She probably just moved to a different school and you can not fathom how life will be worth living without her.Your eyes will leak, your being will ache.

Then the one you will call your girlfriend for the first time appears. You feel the pressure now that everyone is coupling up. Sex ed makes you aware of how different you are from this other species of human.

There’s the one who is too old for you. You’re just a teen born too late. Miss Jackson defines what your goals of your ideal woman should be. You hate her fiance who picks her up daily after your last class. If he hurt her, you could fight him. After all, you’ve watched enough Bruce Lee films to be a black belt.

There’s the one who takes your innocence. You can’t believe you are actually doing this. Finally!! Am I doing it right? What does this do? The canvass is so vast and your curiosity plus inexperience equals it. So you paint with hesitation and the three minutes feel like an eternity. From now on you just wanna practice on your stroke each day. This is all you want to do in life.

There’s the one who’s different from all the girls you meet at the parties. She’s kind to you even though you don’t think highly of yourself. She helps you improve your grade and you secretly want to do better in class now. You want to put the bong away now. Just once a week is enough now.

There’s the bohemian goddess who is artistic and views the world differently from your peers. She will take you through a phase where you’ll learn about art, spoken word, music you hate and people like Che Guevara, and Haile Selassie. You’ll even sign up at Amnesty International.

There’s the one you’ll meet working to make ends meet. You’re not sure this is the career path you want in life but the bills have got to be paid. She sticks around but barely. You’re only together because you’re on the same page in life. This is not where you want to be. Misery loves company.

You finally meet the one who makes everything that you’ve been through seem like an initiation to get to her. This is it. Your parents will love her, you hope. She know’s who you are and accepts you for it. She’s sees the misguided potential you have and is willing to bet her cards on you.

She’s finally the one. The one that all other ones morphed into.

But you’re not the one she expected you to be. Your insecurity and fear of just having one for the rest of your life scares you. What if this is a mistake?

She leaves. You’re not ready. You hit rock bottom and take affirmative action.

So you meet the one who’s your rebound.

The one your mum thinks would be a good match to finally get her some grand kids.

The one who turns out to be a lesbian after hooking up with you. Bye confidence.

The one who you met at a Christmas party dancing to one direction.

Then one who’s old enough to go for spinning classes with your mum.

The one who used to go out with your brother or best friend.

At this point you’re coding with all the ones but end up with zero.

The one who thinks you should go get tested. You turn out fine and do not want to go through that again.

The one who calls you and says it’s yours.

This is the last straw.

You give up on finding the one. Perhaps this is not what you’re cut out for.

after all, you are the one who messed up the one good thing you had years ago. You only think about your little one now. The mum took off to go enjoy her one life before she got too old.

You are buying diapers for ages 1 and have no clue what’s the number one brand.

Then you hear a voice say, “That’s the right one for your baby.” She’s perfect.

I guess you’ll give it one more try.