Live blog vs online article

Mail Online article.
Sky Sports live blog.

With newspapers going down the drain, online minute by minute accounts of sports events are becoming increasingly more popular for the sports enthusiast. Also, articles are still written summarising the sporting events, but are primarily found online.

I chose to look at Sky Sports live blog regarding the Chelsea vs Hull game on Sunday and the write up on the Mail Online and see what the differences between the two are.

The first major difference was that the Mail Online focuses primarily on the main event that overshadowed Chelsea’s win: Ryan Mason’s head injury. I think the main reason for this is because it is written after the final whistle, therefore the audience is more interested in the main talking points of the game. Sky Sports gives a minute by minute account for the people who possibly can’t watch the game live but have a device to view what is happening, or people who don’t pay a subscription to Sky Sports.

Furthermore, the Sky blog shows clips and photos. However, the catch is that you must create an account before you can view them which is a sales technique on their behalf. The videos are of the events as they happen. Mail Online shows mainly photos of Ryan Mason and the two goal scorers. The photos are at the top of the article because they are the the points that the audience wish to know about.