Health2047 emphasizes on physician collaboration

Recently, health2047 has been launched as an innovation studio in the Silicon Valley. The American Medical Studio is the founding partner of health2047 and has invested $15M to improve the current situation of US healthcare system. A number of hospitals have also agreed on the fact that physician collaboration is the key to success in healthcare sector. At this time, US health care industry has been presented with a unique opportunity to control advanced technology in attempt to completely transform the way health care is being delivered to the patients. Health2047 believes that the current technology being used is not appropriate and a number of transformations need to be carried out to improve the healthcare being provided by the professionals.

Considering the current scenario of US healthcare system it has been advised that physicians should be given the opportunity to select and customize they software they have to make use of on daily basis. Although, doctors are not responsible for writing the code nevertheless they are well aware what they need the software to do in order to improve the way care is being delivered to the patients. Health2047 is making attempts to make physicians part of the whole process at system level. According to the CEO of health2047, as physicians efficiently collaborate with technologists implies that the results would be better. In essence, healthcare professionals are highly educated and skilled professionals which don’t give any room for inefficiency.

It’s time to advance the practice of medicine and improve public health

Recently, the industry had been moved with the announced regarding AMA’s cumbersome investment of $15M to become the founding partner of health2047. According to AMA it has decided to fund in health2047 as they both believe in creating new solutions for physicians and their patients to improve current health care delivery and outcomes. Health2047 aims to conduct rapid exploration of innovative solutions which are essential to change the current scenario of US healthcare system. Currently, 1.1 million physicians and the patients being served have to face a number of challenges which hinder the process of healthcare.

In order to change the destiny of US healthcare system, AMA and health2047 has joined hands. The innovation studio with headquarters based in Silicon Valley aims to introduce new innovative solutions to the biggest challenges existing in the healthcare industry. For both AMA and health2047 improving the health of the nation is the top most priority.

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