Can’t upload to SoundCloud at the moment, so I will publish it instead

This really highlights the fact that in the information age, there are absolutely no excuses for not creating content.

The subject of my first podcast (get your ass in gear SoundCloud) was about ambition and what it means to me. For the past three days, and largely down to watching a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk’s content, (Vaynernation on the rise!) my productivity levels have shot through the roof. I am putting the hours into adding value to my audience like never before. In fact, I only just learnt about adding value to my audience in the past three days, but it makes perfect sense; why is anyone going to buy anything from me if I have not in some way enhanced their experience first? Being so 'switched on' has led to me starting a podcast and even publishing on this platform, things that never even crossed my mind 4 days ago. This is why it is so important to just start from where you are. It is the reason that I named my podcast Just press Record; it’s a call to Action that I hope somewhere subconsciously trigger’s my audience into being the best version of themselves. That can take many forms but for me it’s about being the best; if that media Guru works 18 hours a day I want to work 19. This is a competitive sport, and I want to win I am documenting every part of my journey hoping that one day someone will be inspired to outwork me. If you have read this far thank you for your attention, please recommend this to your friends and feel free to say hi on any Social Media platform under the name Lewis Vassel.