LEWK receives backing from DEXTForce Ventures

Partnership announcement: Lewk and DEXTForce Ventures

DEXTForce Ventures joined LEWK’s ever-growing list of backers and partners earlier this month. DEXTForce’s ability to create win-win environments for both projects and investors and its commitment to identifying and supporting only highly researched, uniquely positioned and well-managed projects with a high probability of success speak volumes of the group’s experience in leading the space.

Why did DEXTForce Ventures decide to invest and partner with LEWK?

A solid roster of backers and partners from the early stages of development, all the way through to the platform’s launch, is a key to sustained growth.

About DEXTForce Ventures

DEXTForce Ventures is the capital incubation arm of DEXTools ecosystem, a standard central hub for DeFi traders across the world. DEXTForce assists crypto and blockchain projects from the incubation stage, strategic modeling to public listing and beyond. The platform offers additional benefits like powerful trading, research, wallet tracking and marketing community from DEXTools premium members.

Links: DextForce.netTwitterTelegramDiscord

About LEWK

LEWK is a coordination layer that invisibly enhances a creator’s ability to generate great content and boost the efficiency of their existing accounts on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and other social platforms.

Links: Lewk.com TwitterDiscordTelegram

Lewk is a coordination layer that invisibly enhances the creator’s ability to monetize content. Coming soon.