You don’t need to be a hacker or ninja to solve coding problems in the real world

Multiple computer screens of code
Multiple computer screens of code
This is how people think I spend my life (Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash)

In the time it took for this article to be loaded to your computer, your device made hundreds of thousands of decisions. How it would connect to the website that hosts the article, how to work out if the website on the other end could service a secure connection, and then it rendered this page in accordance with the standards that ensure that websites look the same between a tablet, phone, or computer. …

The cross-platform framework offers the most compelling web development experience

wordmarks and logos for HTML 5 and Flutter
wordmarks and logos for HTML 5 and Flutter
Picture created by Author (Flutter logo obtained from Flutter Brand Guidelines, HTML5 Logo from W3C). The graph represents nothing.

Websites today, including the one you are using now, are written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. You probably read that and think to yourself well, yeah, that’s patently obvious. If I told you to create a website without using any of these three technologies, you would probably have some questions.

And yet, throughout the course of history, we’ve had many players in this space. We’ve had Flash, we’ve had Silverlight, all competing technologies that have attempted to shave off a slice of the browser market, to let the developer use a different technology to create a website. But none of…

It’ll blow your mind.

Sooner or later, you’ll have a real need to browse someone else's GitHub repository. When the repositories are quite small, this is a trivial task. However, when they are large, it means cloning huge repositories to your disk which can take a long time.

Today, I became aware of In a nutshell, it’s amazing. To preview how good it is, I used it with a repository that I had to clone once, namely, the Xamarin.Forms repository. Doing this was a pain because there are literally thousands of files, and I was looking for how something was implemented. Traditionally, that…

And learn how not to run a PR campaign

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Image: Canva

If you live in Australia, you may have noticed that Google’s been at loggerheads lately with the government in relation to a new News Media Bargaining Code. Make no mistake, it is serious business for Google.

The short version is that the government wants to bring in the news media code which would mean that Google would have to pay for content, and potentially reveal how their search algorithm works to various news outlets.

It’s something that I find fascinating, and have written about before. With Google bringing in $1.24 billion annually from their search functionality in Australia, how is…

And how to fix it right now

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Image for post
Photo by Dominik Lückmann on Unsplash

If you’ve tried to build a docker image lately, you may have hit a series of errors like this:

error NU3028: Package 'System.Drawing.Common 5.0.0' from source '': The author primary signature's timestamp found a chain building issue: UntrustedRoot: self signed certificate in certificate chain
error NU3037: Package 'System.Drawing.Common 5.0.0' from source '': The author primary signature validity period has expired.
error NU3028: Package 'System.Drawing.Common 5.0.0' from source '': The repository countersignature's timestamp found a chain building issue: UntrustedRoot: self signed certificate in certificate chain

I don’t know why we’ve hit this issue exactly, but I think someone up the tree…

Is the sun setting on cross-platform technologies?

Image of person “holding” the sun.
Image of person “holding” the sun.
Photo by David Monje on Unsplash

Let’s go back to June 20, 2018. We’re all two years younger, and nobody is talking about a global pandemic just yet (that part is particularly nice, although, I suppose we didn’t appreciate how nice it was at the time).

Airbnb announced that they are winding down their use of React Native for their apps, and are instead going all-in on their native experiences. Up until that point, they were one of the many companies to make good use of Facebook’s mobile development framework. …

Believe the hype.

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Photo by Howard Bouchevereau on Unsplash

I’m sitting in my office with my new Macbook Pro, doing the initial setup for Macbook Pro (16GB, 1TB, M1). The first setup for any of my devices is pretty grueling, as I pull in gigs and gigs of developer tools, clone a few git repositories, and install tools like XCode, Visual Studio for Mac, and Android Studio.

If you’re a developer, you know what this initial setup is like. About thirty seconds in, your fans hit 100% on your new device, and your room is filled with that new computer smell. …

How to get started as quickly as possible

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Flutter for Windows has been in the dev channel for quite some time now, but some of us are getting more serious with our Windows development. If you’re creating a new Windows app, Flutter for Windows deserves some serious consideration. Google doesn’t recommend that you start rolling apps out for production usage for Windows just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start playing around with apps today and then roll them out into production when that recommendation changes (like when Flutter for Desktop hits stable).

For now, though, we’re ahead of the curve (which is kind of where developers…

How hard was it, and was it worth it?

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Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

It was pretty late at night, and I was working on an update to an app that I had released. Everything was looking pretty good, and I was just putting the final polish on the release. Then, I did a release build and deployed that to my phone. Almost immediately, the app crashed, with a Java JNI exception. …

The new beta includes some unexpected surprises

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Photo by Florian Berger on Unsplash

Since this morning, after updating my Flutter beta install, it has been refusing to load any resources from HTTP with this error:

Unhandled error Bad
state: Insecure HTTP is not allowed by platform

If you’re here because you’ve been furiously Googling a fix, and you don’t care why it’s broken, and you just want it fixed, here’s what you can do:

  1. Navigate to your project
  2. Go to yourapp\android\app\src\debug\AndroidManifest.xml
  3. Add this line
<application android:usesCleartextTraffic="true">


4. Build your debug app and deploy it to your device of choice. It should work now.

Why is this happening?

Since a change in dart_sdk last month, outbound connections…

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