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Female at a desk
Female at a desk
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For good reason, there are some professions in life that you can’t just wander into. For example, I can’t turn up at a hospital and have a run at brain surgery (fortunately). No, we need the people who know how to do that thing, to do that thing. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, are the more achievable tasks like gardening or working at a fast-food restaurant. These are still necessary tasks, but it’s easier to fix a mistake you make when making a burger, as opposed to fixing a mistake when you’re working on someone's brain.


It’s causing a lot of unexpected pain

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A recentrécent changechanger in the analyzer for Flutter has caused a wide varietyvariété of apps, particularly apps that rely on build_runner to start failing. I googled for a solid hourheure and couldn’t find a fix for the issue at hand, but in the end, I worked out how to solve it.

The problem

build_runner used to work. Now it doesn’t. It throws an error like this:

Failed to precompile build_runner:build_runner:../../Documents/flutter/.pub-cache/hosted/pub.dartlang.org/analyzer-1.6.0/lib/src/error/best_practices_verifier.dart:1600:40: Error: Getter not found: 'topLevelVariable'.return kinds.contains(TargetKind.topLevelVariable);^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^../../Documents/flutter/.pub-cache/hosted/pub.dartlang.org/analyzer-1.6.0/lib/src/error/best_practices_verifier.dart:2024:23: Error: Getter not found: 'topLevelVariable'.case TargetKind.topLevelVariable:^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^../../Documents/flutter/.pub-cache/hosted/pub.dartlang.org/analyzer-1.6.0/lib/src/error/best_practices_verifier.dart:2024:23: …

Performance, optimization, and potential for mobile apps

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Today, a large number of apps that we use on the desktop are created in Electron. It seems like fewer and fewer companies are choosing to create their apps in a native language for the platform. Instead, they are opting for a cross-platform solution. In fact, Electron seems to have become the de facto choice for companies creating desktop applications. On paper, the value proposition is quite good, as you could perhaps reuse your knowledge of HTML and JS to create desktop apps.

More recently, Flutter has reached beta for use on desktop operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS…

It’s DevOps, with a mobile flavor

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Originally posted to Codemagic blog

Lately, it feels like there is an ever-increasing number of terms and phrases that refer to newer ways to develop software. It can be hard to keep up and understand what all these new terms mean or what they specifically mean to you. As someone who has been automating application builds and tests for a few years now, when I heard of the term mobile DevOps, even I wondered what made it different from normal DevOps (that is, the DevOps processes that I already used in my applications and experienced in my teams).

Unfortunately, DevOps…

And what you can do to prepare.

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I remember going to work sometime in February 2020, on a day that was just like any other. I sat in traffic for about an hour, squinted in the midst of a haze of second-hand smoke at the road crossings in the city, and spoke to my co-workers without thinking about how close we were at any time. People would be in the office with a bit of a cough or sound hoarse, and I would just think they had a cold or something, and I’d pay almost no attention to it.

Two months later, I’d be working from home…

Making the biggest change of my programming career

Xamarin Forms and Flutter logos
Xamarin Forms and Flutter logos
Photo by the author.

Hey there, friend! I’ve actually started a new series on my move from Xamarin Forms to Flutter, where I make it easier for existing XF developers to get into Flutter. Check it out here: guides.page.link/6SuK.

I remember where I was when I got the email that Flutter had finally reached a stable release. A friend of mine who was working on a Xamarin Forms app with me had sent me an article on Flutter’s website showing the release announcement. As a budding Xamarin Forms developer and a .NET fanboy, my response was fairly modest.

“Great,” I thought. “Another mobile framework.”

You don’t need to be a hacker or ninja to solve coding problems in the real world

Multiple computer screens of code
Multiple computer screens of code
This is how people think I spend my life (Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash)

In the time it took for this article to be loaded to your computer, your device made hundreds of thousands of decisions. How it would connect to the website that hosts the article, how to work out if the website on the other end could service a secure connection, and then it rendered this page in accordance with the standards that ensure that websites look the same between a tablet, phone, or computer. …

The cross-platform framework offers the most compelling web development experience

wordmarks and logos for HTML 5 and Flutter
wordmarks and logos for HTML 5 and Flutter
Picture created by Author (Flutter logo obtained from Flutter Brand Guidelines, HTML5 Logo from W3C). The graph represents nothing.

Websites today, including the one you are using now, are written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. You probably read that and think to yourself well, yeah, that’s patently obvious. If I told you to create a website without using any of these three technologies, you would probably have some questions.

And yet, throughout the course of history, we’ve had many players in this space. We’ve had Flash, we’ve had Silverlight, all competing technologies that have attempted to shave off a slice of the browser market, to let the developer use a different technology to create a website. But none of…

It’ll blow your mind.

Sooner or later, you’ll have a real need to browse someone else's GitHub repository. When the repositories are quite small, this is a trivial task. However, when they are large, it means cloning huge repositories to your disk which can take a long time.

Today, I became aware of https://github1s.com/. In a nutshell, it’s amazing. To preview how good it is, I used it with a repository that I had to clone once, namely, the Xamarin.Forms repository. Doing this was a pain because there are literally thousands of files, and I was looking for how something was implemented. Traditionally, that…

And learn how not to run a PR campaign

Image: Canva

If you live in Australia, you may have noticed that Google’s been at loggerheads lately with the government in relation to a new News Media Bargaining Code. Make no mistake, it is serious business for Google.

The short version is that the government wants to bring in the news media code which would mean that Google would have to pay for content, and potentially reveal how their search algorithm works to various news outlets.

It’s something that I find fascinating, and have written about before. With Google bringing in $1.24 billion annually from their search functionality in Australia, how is…

Lew C

Running from Xamarin Forms to Flutter, and making a free video series about it, too. Link here: guides.page.link/6SuK

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