What Does Yaba Have To Give?
Oo Nwoye

Interesting read.

I believe Yaba morphs according to need. In the late 2000s, almost every house in Yaba (from Ebute Metta all the way to Ojuelegba Road had some sort of fashion designer or the other). The old Tejuosho market played a major role in that because it was where the designers went to get resources, tools, man-power and accessories to enable them create what they wanted to. A young lad could possibly start a t-shirt business with 2000 Naira and grow to become a household name but the Government did not see an opportunity to improve the environment and make it a more enabling one but they tore the old Tejuosho market down instead and the fashion design community gradually disperse to other regions within the state. One of the mistakes of the fashion designers was that they did not exist as a community and had no one to fully represent them or advocate for them.

CcHub has primarily changed the landscape and the gradual infusion of other start-ups would continue to change it but they all have to exist and build a community of techies (and not start-ups), involve the local authorities in these kind of discussions as I doubt if they know the era Yaba is in now.

Whether Yaba, Lekki or Ikeja, the cluster model which is practiced in Aba among the leather works community can be some model to emulate. It is a decision they all have to make