#Codapps Bus Tour

Day 2 — Munich, Germany

Hey, Makers!

I have good news and bad news for you today. The good news is that we’re in the wonderful Munich for Day 2 of our Codapps Bus Tour. The bad news is that we had such amazing pizza yesterday that we didn’t even remember that we were supposed to find the best pasta alla carbonara in the city. Well, I guess that’s why I’m not a food blogger.

Also, I slept in a hole. Not a cosy little Hobbit hole, no, no, a humid cave with walls way thicker than they should be, lit by TORCHES and with a huge bed in the middle of the pitch-black room, with chains. Seriously, that was so creepy I’m wondering if it was put there just as a homage to the late Wes Craven.

We all survived. In another room, from front to back: Mathieu (the First Maker), Mathieu (the Community Manager), Jimmy (the Organiser)

We left the beautiful Milan behind us at nine and hitting the road towards Munich. Of course, this was enough for our team of geniuses to become perfectly fluent in Italian.

The basics of Italian, a 6-second crash course by Jimmy (the Organiser)

(We’re preparing a Bier — Bratwurst — Lederhosen version for tomorrow. This should go well.)

A couple of hours later, we finally knew for sure that we had left Italy for good.

After some more hours, as the landscape became flat and the weather became wet and depressing, we finally arrived in Munich, where we discovered the Chinese youth hostel (you don’t make up that stuff) where we’ll be staying. Tonight, one of us will be sleeping in a closet, but this time, I got the (well-deserved) best bed!

After this, we found the Idea Kitchen, the coworking space in Munich where we did our Meetup tonight. It’s a really cool place, with an amazing design and decoration. Look at those pictures, I love this so much!

Idea Kitchen in Munich. Find them on Twitter: @IdeaK_coworking

This time, the Meetup took more time than yesterday. This is because we started with a pretty long ice-breaking game to make sure that everyone knew each other and got to talk to each other before the beginning of the actual app coding. Of course, we didn’t go off-track: it’s all about apps, and the game was to create pretty weird app ideas, including an “aluminum bear cage configurator”, my personal favourite (although the “Facebook for horses” was a pretty good contender). That was hilarious, and the rest of the Meetup went on with a great general mood.

After that, the course part started just like yesterday in Milan. People were just as enthusiastic and motivated, and almost everyone had installed Netbeans already on their computer (hey guys, don’t forget, if you’re coming to meet us soon, you really should install it right now, it’s easier for everyone).

And then, everyone worked hard. Easy troubleshooting again: my favourite part is when Clément and all the participants run into an error, everybody starts panicking, and Clément tells us that it was all on purpose and that it’s due to this and this, and he explains how to fix it. Simple as that, nobody will ever make this mistake again; it’s so much better than letting us run into it months later and not knowing where the error comes from!

Now I guess it’s time I talked about our sponsors. As I said yesterday, I’ll focus on one or two sponsors every day, so that I can really introduce them well instead of just citing them. Today, we’ll focus on the great Global Shapers (by the World Economic Forum). The Global Shapers network is a place for hubs of young people with exceptional talent and motivation to change the world and do amazing things; this is an initiative created by the World Economic Forum, a Swiss nonprofit foundation.

And since we’re talking about sponsors, let’s take a minute to talk about Coursera: after all, this whole Bus Tour is an initiative to spread the word about the Codapps MOOC that will open on September 23rd on Coursera. Of course, this MOOC will be much longer than one hour, and you’ll actually learn how to design a mobile app, which is really an amazing thing to know how to do, because the future is mobile (I’m not happy to say this, but we all know it’s true — our beloved desktop apps and webapps will probably disappear someday, better be ready).

Getting ready to be the next great app developers

Aaaand back to the Meetup. Which was awesome, once again — did I say that already? It was awesome. No, seriously, it went well for everyone and all participants left with a fully usable app, already uploaded on the Google Play Store. Isn’t that great?

If you think it is, you really should share this article and come to our next Meetups:

  • Tomorrow in Prague
  • On September 3rd in Berlin
  • On September 4th in Amsterdam
  • On September 6th in Paris

And, of course, if you want to know even more, subscribe to the Coursera MOOC: CODAPPS, Mobile App Development for Entrepreneurs! It starts on September 23rd, it’s entirely free, you can go at your own pace and you’ll love it, I can guarantee it!

Wir lieben euch, dear readers. Now I’m panicking because I have to find something to say in Czech for tomorrow. I guess there are worse fears in life — I hope that not knowing how to code a mobile app will never be a fear for any of you again.

See you tomorrow in Prague!

Lexane & the Codapps team