#Codapps Bus Tour

Day 3 — Prague, Czech Republic

Ahoj, mobile app developers!

After a full night of sleep in Munich, we had breakfast (consisting mainly of baklavas) and left for Prague pretty soon. Which means that our first time in Germany consisted of meeting people from all around the world at the Idea Kitchen, eating at a Chinese restaurant, sleeping in a Chinese hostel and having breakfast in a Turkish restaurant, all this with a team of French people on their way from Italy to the Czech Republic. Isn’t that awesome? It’s almost as global as the mobile apps that we teach people how to code!

This time, we only had four hours of travel, and we arrived in the afternoon, settling in a large apartment — but terrible Wi-Fi, which, as you may guess, did not make our Internet-addicted team very happy.

The good thing is that we really didn’t stay for long in the apartment, taking a stroll in the city before settling down at the huge and beautiful Impact Hub in Prague!

Impact Hub, Praha

We arrived pretty late this time, and barely had the time to get our things out before starting the workshop. Since the room we did the crash course in was pretty small and more people showed up than expected, I got stuck outside in the open space, so I won’t talk about today’s event so much. Here’s my favourite Vine for tonight, though:

Participants during the icebreaking game

The icebreaking game, once again, was pretty fun, as you can see on the Vine above. Everyone was very motivated and dynamic, from what I’ve heard in the open space — I know that many questions were asked!

On the left: Clément (the Prof) and Jimmy (the Organiser)

After this presentation, people started working very hard.

Time to talk about another sponsor of ours: Only Lyon, an international marketing programme designed to spread the reputation of the wonderful city of Lyon abroad.

Yes, I’m a die-hard Lyon fan. You should come and see the Fête des Lumières, or the Fourvière hill, it’s absolutely splendid. Seriously, come one day, and take a stroll in the Vieille Ville to finish your walk on the Bellecour Square and at the Only Lyon offices, where you’ll find so much information about the city!

How can you not love Lyon and want to visit it when you’ve watched this video? I can assure you it’s even better in real life. I can also assure you that I hadn’t planned on spending more words of this article about Lyon than about Prague. I think the others liked Prague more than I did, though. Anyway.

Today’s not the best article of the week, by far: the fact that I’m not part of the workshop, of course, is part of it. But people in there seem really interested in what they’re doing, and it’s all that counts!

By the way, did I tell you that we’re doing this tour to promote the actual Codapps MOOC starting on September 23rd? (I know I have. It’s just so that I can say it again.)

Anyway. See you tomorrow, in Berlin!

Lexane (who is, you might have noticed it, getting pretty tired — I promise tomorrow’s article will be better!)