#Codapps Bus Tour

Day 1 — Milan, Italy

Hello World!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter have already heard of it, since I’ve been talking about it for months, but the Codapps Bus Tour has been launched! This morning, an incomplete team has left the EMLyon Business School campus in Ecully, quickly growing until it gathered 6 of the 7 Codapps ambassadors once in Geneva. One of us will join us tonight in Milan, but apart from him, the team is complete now!

Four of us left EMLyon Business School: the teacher in charge of the MOOC, Clément Levallois, Mathieu, EMLyon’s community manager, Etienne, a student at the IDEA (Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Arts) programme of our school and one of the coordinators of the Maker Tour in October (seriously, take a look at their project, it’s awesome!) and myself, your favourite blogger (admit it, you all love me).

From left to right: Lexane (the Blogger), Clément (the Teacher) and Mathieu (the Community Manager)

Fifteen minutes later, Eléonore, another student at EMLyon who has specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility, has joined us, still in Lyon. We left pretty quickly to have lunch in Geneva, in Switzerland — but of course, since we’re really awesome people, we didn’t waste our time before getting to this first country on our way. Before getting to Geneva, we had set up a Vine account (@codapps) and tweeted wayyy to much on the account @codapps_io, we had decided to buy this one particular brand of biscuits that we all really love (with the eternal fight between raspberry jam or orange jam in it) (of course, orange wins, orange always wins), and we talked about runaway sheep (don’t ask). We also decided that, since I’m the cool writer here, I should be the one coolly writing. Which is why you are reading stuff about orange-flavoured biscuits. (But seriously. They’re the best.)

Aren’t we beautiful. From left to right: Jimmy (the Organiser), Clément (the Teacher), Etienne (the 2nd Maker), Mathieu (the CM), Lexane (the Blogger).

In Geneva, the co-organizer of the Codapps MOOC, Jimmy, another student from the IDEA programme, has joined us in our degustation of a panini — yes, just like a first taste of Italy. Which was, in case you haven’t read the two previous parts of the article, our first destination: tonight, we have had our first meetup in Milan.

Clément (the Teacher) and Jimmy (the Organiser)

So basically there we were, entering the very first stop on our one-week trip through Europe to teach people how to create a very simple mobile app in less than an hour: perfectly awake and dynamic people ready to give their first Codapps Meetup presentation in front of a group of motivated learners! Such an adventure beginning under our amazed gaze, such a…

Okay, maybe we can cut short the lyricism and focus on what really counts: the fact that the people at FabLab Milano were absolutely amazing and welcomed us extremely well. Also, the rooms are beautiful. Seriously, have a look at that!

Clément started pretty quick in front of about 10 highly motivated participants, explaining where we come from, what he has been doing for the past years and why the Codapps MOOC exists. After his short presentation, Etienne took the stage to tell us about the Maker Tour initiative — I’ve already talked about it, and seriously, if you haven’t clicked on the link earlier, do so now. It’s totally worth it! Of course, our amazing sponsors weren’t left aside. Since we have 7 major sponsors, I won’t tell you about all of them today: instead, for tonight, I’ll just mention tech giant Samsung, which needs no introduction, and Simplon, a social school that pays students (who stopped school early or are unemployed) to follow a particular training. Stay tuned: every night, I will tell you about another of our beloved sponsors. (Yes, dear sponsors, if you are reading this, I want you to know that we do love you.)

Once the technicalities were over, Clément started pretty fast, showing everyone how to create a project. I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for others, but hey, let’s do it anyway: the goal of this one-hour meetup was to create a mobile app for the participants’ resumes and upload it on the Play Store (don’t worry, iPhone and Windows phone fans, it works for you too!). Some of our participants were complete beginners, others already had loads of experience creating apps, and that diversity was pretty amazing — the best part being that of course, the Codapps workshop was designed to help all of them get exactly what they wanted, without being boring for experienced coders or too hard for newbies. And that, dear readers, is the reason why I’m so glad to be part of the Codapps Bus Tour. It’s awesome and it’s for everyone.

Clément starting his presentation at FabLab Milano

Quick troubleshooting, step-by-step explanations, everything was there. But hey, I’m not here to advertise, I’m here to talk about our experience. Um, it was cool. Seriously, I won’t pull the good old “you had to be there”… but you had to be there. People were warm and motivated, Clément was a great teacher and we are lucky enough to be a great and friendly team!

Maybe now is the time to remind you that the Codapps Bus Tour is not the only occasion you’ll have to build the mobile app of your dreams: our MOOC will launch on Coursera on September 23rd. It won’t be an hour long and it definitely won’t be in just 6 European countries, so please register to the MOOC, I’m sure you’ll love it.

I do realize that my article for this first Meetup in Milan was pretty biased. I’ll try to do better for the next ones, so stay tuned — also, more about our bus adventures to come in the next days, including love (you’d be in love too if you had tasted those biscuits), tears (when my phone battery will break down at a time when all the chargers are already taken), amazement (at our awesome participants’ resumes) and craving for knowledge (but also for food — have I told you about these biscuits?).

That’s enough for today: we’re off to find the best pasta alla carbonara in Milano.

Please tell me if you have any reaction, or any question about anything I have or haven’t mentioned in the article. I’ll be glad to answer in the comments section or in tomorrow’s article, which will be sent from Munich, Germany!

Buona sera World! You’re awesome!

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