Day 4 —Berlin, Germany

Guten Tag again, friends!

We’re coming back West after our Prague meetup yesterday, to Berlin! Since we only had a four-hour drive to do today, we knew we could afford to wake up earlier this morning. So yesterday night, we settled at the apartment with beer, ice cream and a very intellectually stimulating movie, Machete. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

This morning, we still woke up pretty early, and as some of us left to read in a café, others went for a walk in the city. They came back pretty excited by the city, telling us about the beautiful buildings and streets they had discovered while I finished off my latest articles for my blog Réussir Mes Etudes (yeah, I’m a bit short on free time right now between the bus tour, my blogs, various paperwork and translations, but I’m doing my best!). We finally left Prague shortly before noon, on the road to the German capital.

Can you be any more cliché? I don’t think so.

Shortly after crossing the German border, we stopped for lunch, enjoying a very cliché Currywurst und Kartoffeln before going back to the bus. And, as if Germany hated us personally, we got stuck under heavy rain again, just like in Munich.

In the car, we then received a very intriguing tweet, two hours before arriving to Berlin:

We love meeting new people and visiting new places, so of course, we said yes. Under so short notice, Lauri, from Zalando, was able to introduce us to Zalando, to her job and the Zalando innovation initiative, and to some of her colleagues. This was a really nice gesture from her, and we really appreciated it!

The Codapps team at the Zalando Tech HQ

After meeting amazing people and having really interesting conversations, we left the Zalando Tech headquarters for the place of our Codapps meetup. And that was really special. Meaning that we realized that our meetup place was an abandoned airport (creeeeeeepy), and not any abandoned airport, the one to which Western supplies were sent during the Berlin blockade of the Cold War. And that’s pretty awesome, being part of the historic revolution of technology in a historic place.

The Codapps meeting in Berlin

We had a lot of participants in Berlin, and we really enjoyed the workshop there. Surprisingly, there were many French people present, as well as many German people (which is a bit less surprising).

I enjoyed the icebreaking game a lot, including the great pitch for the mobile game Cucumbear, where a bear hold a cucumber-shaped stick to play golf. Once again, I guess you just had to be there to find it funny, but whatever. The meetup went pretty well, even though it took a bit more time than expected because some people didn’t have the necessary software to start swiftly — it was still very good, though, with complete troubleshooting, great pedagogy and many motivated participants ready to learn about mobile app development!

Time to talk about Invest In Lyon and Only Lyon, our sponsors (pictured: Jimmy, the Organiser)

Now, you know how it goes: first of all, I’ll tell you about another sponsor of our tour, Invest In Lyon. I’ve told you yesterday about how much I love Lyon, and I’m not going to tell you how beautiful I find the city, this time — I’d rather make a list of 10 reasons to settle the wonderful startup you’ll have created in this amazing city:

  1. The metropolitan area is great
  2. The infrastructures are highly developed
  3. People are very skilled and we have great schools and universities
  4. We’re good at innovation
  5. You’ll have an amazing quality of life
  6. We have a great business district in the Part-Dieu part of the city
  7. We work hard on building a “smart city”
  8. Real estate projects are ambitious
  9. There’s a real international appeal
  10. The companies already there are pretty great too!

Thank you to Invest in Lyon for their amazing participation in the Codapps Bus Tour, and thank you, of course, to all other sponsors, which I’ve been talking about all week and will keep on telling you about all other days of this week.

And I’ll tell you more tomorrow, but for now, I’m just going to leave you on the information that Codapps is an 8-week long MOOC launching on September 23rd, and you should definitely subscribe on Coursera right now!

Auf Wiedersehen, Codappers!