#Codapps Bus Tour

Day 5 — Amsterdam, Netherlands

We didn’t sleep a lot in Berlin before leaving, very early, for Amsterdam. Still, we arrived barely five minutes before the meetup this evening: it’s all a pretty long ride! The ride, though, really wasn’t very eventful. However, we had some really great tweets from people all around the world, and that really encourages us to do our best in every city we visit.

“Life of a coder”, a Vine from the DOZ CEO, Anji Ismaïl

Finally, at one point, we drove past a windmill. For us, that was the telling sign that we weren’t in Germany anymore, but in the Netherlands — and suddenly, the rain started pouring really hard, and it wouldn’t stop until we reached Amsterdam at 6.

With a meetup starting at 7, we only had time to go to one of the two apartments we had booked. Arriving there, we had a pretty unpleasant surprise: the flat was supposed to be on two stories, but the top one was completely inundated and only two beds were available. Two of our boys would therefore have to sleep in the kitchen. At least, Jimmy (the Organiser) and the girls (Eleonore and I) didn’t have the problem: we just still don’t know, at the time that I’m writing the article, where we’re going to stay tonight. No big deal, we’ve had worse anyway.

We directly moved on towards B.Amsterdam, at the great CodeCentric offices. Once again, I can only hope that I’ll one day work in a place as wonderful as the offices we’ve visited this week, from the underground Idea Kitchen to the abandoned airport, or the Italian fablab, or this huge and empty floor of unfinished walls — I think you can understand how much it fascinates me if you look at the pictures below.

B.Amsterdam and the Codecentric offices

So right now, I’m sitting on a huge sack on the floor, hiding in a corner of the room and watching the whole meetup from the depths of this weird thing I’m sitting on. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get up at the end of the meeting, so please have a little thought for me.

Anyway. Today, I don’t think Jimmy was very inspired for the icebreaking game: after a short presentation of all participants, including some very interesting profiles, he jumped on the (delicious) spinach soup that had been served to us, and told the participants to “find app ideas that will revolutionise the market of spinach soup”.

At the beginning, the presentation went just as it always goes, but after a while, we got another cool surprise:

Geertjan Wielenga, “one of the Oracle product managers on the Netbeans team” according to his Twitter biography, came to visit us at the workshop! This was a really cool gesture of him, and we’d really like to thank him to have come to discover what people do with Netbeans on our Codapps Bus Tour workshops.

Also, we found this really cool poster in the building the meetup was happening in. I love it and really want to share it with you:

Now to the sponsors: today, let’s spend a minute to talk about the American Foundation of Alliance Science & Business, an initiative led by the engineering school Centrale Lyon and the business school EMLYON in order to promote the alliance between, you may have guessed it on your own, Science and Business.

As the meetup is starting to get close to an end, and I really want to find out where I’m staying tonight (I wonder if it’s a cave or a closet, really), I will only remind you that the Codapps MOOC will start on Coursera on September 23rd, and that you should subscribe right now!

One last thing: our dear Etienne (also known by some of you as the Second Maker) is not feeling very well today. He’s probably going to read this article as soon as it’s online, so here’s a little message for him:

Anyway, Codapps friends, I think I really need to rest too, and you don’t want me dying on you before the end of the tour: after all, I still have one blog article to write on Sunday! (No article tomorrow, though — we’ll be having a well-deserved day of rest before moving to Paris for our last meetup, and then back home on Sunday night.)


See you on Sunday (we’ll miss you!),

Your favourite Codapps liveblogger, Lexane