#Codapps Bus Tour

Last Day — Paris, France

Bonjour à tous!

I haven’t posted yesterday: sorry not sorry, the rest was much deserved for all of us. But let’s go back to the end of our meetup in Amsterdam for a short recap of everything that happened between then and the beginning of today’s meetup.

Under the pouring rain in Amsterdam, we woke up yesterday morning, taking the time to enjoy our amazing homestay place (Rose’s B&B, guys, don’t miss it if you go there- it was THE BEST EVER) and great croissants, before leaving for Paris. But before that, we made a pretty long stop in Leiden, where we got herring sandwiches (I still can’t figure out whether I enjoyed that or not) and the best chai tea ever.

Herrings, music and cute boats in Leiden, Holland.

One special thing about Codapps is that we think out of the box. We’re not the kind of normal people with no will for risk-taking and originality: when we have coffee in a park, we sit down in the middle of the alley instead of on the grass. That’s what being an innovator is all about.

Mathieu (the Community Manager)

We also took the time to create memories and discover/taste the real Dutch experience: Gouda.

Eleonore (the Volunteer)

After more than 8 hours of driving yesterday, we finally arrived in Paris, where we enjoyed great sushi and talked about our favourite sitcoms (by the way, if you have cool TV shows to recommend, we’d love to read your suggestions!). This morning, we left early and took a stroll down les Invalides:

At the Invalides: Clément (the Teacher), Mathieu (the First Maker), Mathieu (the Community Manager), Lexane (the Blogger), Eleonore (the Volunteer), Etienne (the Second Maker)

We then arrived at the beautiful Theodo offices, where we were really nicely welcomed and started almost right away. I must say I really loved the offices, which included lightsabers and a poster presenting lists of “swaggy technologies” that included Symfony, Bootstrap, Jenkins, ionic or Github. All in all, pretty cool stuff.

The Codapps meetup at Theodo

Since we’re a French team and all participants were French speakers, this one meetup wasn’t in English. I think the fact that this was pretty much everyone’s native language is the main reason why the icebreaking game was so hilarious this time, even better than the other days. We’ve got some nice apps to talk about, for instance one that adapts your lawnmower’s speed to this of a platypus… I’m really not sure I want to talk about that any more, though. It’s really making me feel awkward.

The meetup, once again, was great. We had lots of people there, but all the Codapps team was there to help everyone follow the speed of the workshop without any problem. During that time, many references were made to our sponsors, including of course our school, EMLYON Business School, but also extensive talks about our favourite city: Invest in Lyon and Lyon French Tech were discussed at length during the presentation.

Lyon French Tech, one of our favourite initiatives.

Sadly, the meetup came to an end pretty fast. All the future entrepreneurs who have attended the meetup were enthusiastic at the end of the presentation, and so was our team.

Honestly, as we jump back in the van to go back home in Lyon, I can’t believe this bus tour is already over. This was one week of amazing discoveries, meeting such interesting people in wonderful cities and spaces, teaching them how to create an app easily and seeing that they didn’t believe us at the beginning, but slowly built their own app concept during one hour, finally coming to a finished piece of software and using it on their own phones. Every night, we discovered more amazing things with more amazing people. I don’t think I’ll ever thank everyone enough for the week we just spent!

If you haven’t had the chance to come to one of our meetups, don’t worry: you can also learn how to code an app during our 8-week MOOC starting on September 23rd, even if you don’t know anything about programming!

Have a great life and see you soon on the Internet and on Coursera, I hope! We’ve enjoyed this bus tour a lot and we honestly hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it too!

Lots of love to all our readers,

Lexane & the Codapps team

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