An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

The author is being courageous enough to share her story. There are deep-problems in this country with social inequality, economic fairness, social justice. People are turning a blind-eye to live to their comforts, so they don’t have to worry about other people. I read these other posts, they are unsympathetic and deeply ignorant of major systemic issues. We can start with out tax structure, since wealthy corporations dodge taxes and invest little into the infrastructure they use. Our technology and education system is lagging due to other countries. While I believe in personal responsibility, we must be interdependent. Self-interest cannot be the MO of day-to-day business, people should care more and consider the realities. We will collapse again due to our own arrogance, and tolerate fraud and corruption at the top as long as we get a share of the pie. Young people are support Bernie Sanders’ since he wants to change the establishment and make them play by the rules, like everyone has has to. If you are quote un-quote successful, consider the priveledges you were afforded and the factor of luck, certainly a lot of talented people get shut out of the game without an Ivy-League Pedigree or country club memberships. You’re probably driving a Tesla to work at your tech job, you are lucky to have opportunity, and as Obama said, you didn’t “build that.” While I believe that life is not always fair, we can afford as America to do more to make it so. And throwing away our civil liberties, allowing surveillance, — its worse to have an atittude of “I Don’t care, that’s your problem”.. compassion trumps selfishness..