Are you an introvert like me? What are you reading at the moment? Have you been writing much? Share something of yours for me to read. I’d love to read it! Have you had anything published? Are you working on a novel? Do you like cats? How about trains?
Hello, I’m here. Please do talk to me.
Jon Jackson

Hello Jon! 😊 Since you ask… yes, I am an introvert, though sometimes I can be quite an extroverted one. Not to the extent I’d call myself an ambivert, because I absolutely need time alone to recharge, but I can peep out of my shell sometimes, on my own terms.

I don’t write as much as I should, but I did just now publish a … thing (I don’t trust myself enough to say ‘piece’!) on coming out as trans. I’ve never had anything published, though I’ve had a novel in the works for far too many years. Maybe someday it’ll see the light of day.

I do like cats; I have two, and two little dogs. All gorgeous and utterly annoying in their own sweet ways. 😉 I’m fairly indifferent on trains, but I do like engineering and steam power, from an armchair amateur, wannabe steampunk sort of perspective.

How about you? What’s your favourite flower? Your favourite season? Do you play a sport? What was the best holiday/vacation you ever took? I’m interested now. Let’s talk. 😃

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