Data Rockstars: the new social media heartthrobs?


Citizen word smiths are making a hilarious sport of customer complaints on the social media accounts of some of Australia’s biggest brands. Using the rickety vernacular of Aus-core language, they weave Shannon Noll references together with genuine complaints about serious issues.

Take this one, from annoyed Woolworths patron, Ben Hunter:

Complaints like this are bolstered by a torrent of likes and shares, and can sometimes take on a life of their own as highly visible beacons of a very public loss of consumer confidence.

‘I’ve got a fever and the prescription is more DAN!’

In response to this, a new vanguard of social media managers in on the joke and at the ready to reply are doing wonders for brand reputation.

Take the Woolworths team’s fantastic response to Ben:

And so on…

Another viral example is the case of Dan from Optus, a social media manager who regularly receives marriage proposals for his thoughtful responses.

Take this rockstar response to complaints about new adverts in a Western Sydney Mall written in Arabic:

Relax backstage

Through Lexer Engage, we help our clients detect and respond to priority posts like these ones.

Plus, Lexer have also unveiled a new service called Lexer Contact Management to help our data rockstar clients manage social media when they need a hand or two.

This is a team of Xertified Lexis rehearsed, warmed up and ready to perform while data rockstars take a break back stage.

Lexer’s talented team are ready to deal with planned and unplanned peaks in popularity or availability: things like brand launches, staff holidays and even brand crises.

So, if a post goes viral at 10.30pm, it gets responded to at 10:30pm.

Jam with us today

We’re not sure if we can guarantee the type of wit and 90s hip hop knowledge exhibited by Woolworth’s social media team, but we can help out when you need it most.

So let’s have a jam session and talk about how our Contact Managers can provide some human help to maintain the quality of social channel management that your prospects, customers and colleagues know, love, and expect.


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