How to survive Inbox Dread

Defeating morning login anxiety with Lexer Engage

Our clients are data rockstars, but sometimes even rockstars get stage fright at the sheer volume of their audience.

Inbox Dread: a unique phenomenon observed in Social Media Managers characterised by sweaty palms and racing hearts at the opening of native social media accounts after a time of inactivity.

Symptoms of Inbox Dread have been known to include:

A common recurrence of spam and irrelevant content

A confused workflow process

A shortage of hours in the day to respond

Physical effects of Inbox Dread. Photo Credit: Daniel Johnson

Winning the fight

To improve the morning login experience of social media pros, we developed Lexer Engage: an industry-leading social engagement tool helping companies detect, tag, triage and respond to customer queries and sales prospects.

Cases of Inbox Dread are now at a record low amongst our data rockstar clients, and to celebrate, we thought we’d share some of the ways they’re using Lexer Engage to win this valiant fight.

1. Parameters and Priorities

Using the rich deep dive capabilities of Lexer Engage, rockstar clients set up meaningful searches which cut through large volumes of spam and irrelevance. Author priority scores help them detect and tag critical objects based on real-time insights about the person behind the post.

These features ensure relevant and actionable objects make a beeline for your inbox- decreasing the likelihood of shrill 5sos spam greeting you as you start your day.

2. Share the load

A smooth, stealthy workflow process has been known to form a killer defence against Inbox Dread.

This is why our data rockstar clients use Engage to assign owners, states and classifications to content. Sharing the load with the rest of the team means the right person provides the best possible response- it also does wonders for the hair line and digestion.

3. Publish

After smashing through phases 1 and 2, our data rockstars find themselves spending more time crafting quality responses and less in the throes of Inbox Dread. They write highly relevant, customer-centric content and use Engage to publish it quick smart.

Social Media Managers are charged with responding to a conversation which doesn’t just stop when the work day ends.

Have a chat to us about how you too can experience a profound state of Nirvana when you next open your inbox.


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