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Improving customer service delivery with the Lexer Action Cloud


Customers worldwide have their ear pinned to their handsets, enduring elevator music being piped through a bad phone system in the vain hope that they will, sometime, possibly, have someone to talk to. “Your call is important to us,” a recorded voice warbles, briefly offering the listener a ray of hope…only to drop them immediately back down into the dark depths of the easy listening muzak.

Ears assaulted for too long, many customers are hanging up and logging into social media on their quest for better customer service.

What if…

The service customers demanded could be delivered through social media, not just a headset?

A client came to us for help in gathering the evidence to make a decision about where best to allocate their customer service resource.

Using the Lexer Action Cloud, our client is monitoring the volume of queries and complaints received on their social channels. Using Lexer Activity, which records such metrics as first response time, time to resolution, customer wait time, and staff response time, our client is directly comparing this data to the same data generated by their call centre teams. Time will tell where the best allocation of resource can be made!

But wait, there’s more…

In addition to the Lexer Action Cloud, our client is ready to explore the use of Lexer Identify. With Identify, service teams have a clear link between their business’ CRM data and the interactions that the customer has had with their business across their social channels. So, when a query comes in, the service team are well versed on the individual needs of the customer, and their response is relevant and knowledgable.

Identify has the profound potential to improve the way your customer service teams interact with your customers. Our platform enriches CRM data with information gathered from relevant public sources.

The simplest example of this in action? We’ll display a photo of the customer to the service agent. Your team will know exactly who they’re talking to.

Identify, and the Lexer Action Cloud, are bad news for fans of elevator music. But they’re good news for those of us who like to be treated a little bit more human.

Human Analytics.