Yammer: Analytics

You’ve got a friend in me


Microsoft announced that it will decommission their Yammer analytics dashboard and leaderboards. These analytics opportunities are now in the hands of third party organisations.

Guess What?

Lexer’s Action Cloud includes Lexer Listen; We’ve been delivering sophisticated analytics to global clients for the past 12 months.


In a score of keystrokes, a couple of clicks and less than a minute, Lexer securely integrates with your Yammer network. Once authorised, our Enrichment Platform loads, enhances, secures and makes your data available for discovery and notifications within Listen.

Every Day

Lexer is helping clients make the most of their Yammer investment.

We can provide metrics on the rate of adoption, measure engagement, influence and even identify those dark corners of your Network ripe for targeted campaigns.

We also help businesses identify governance, risk and compliance related events.

And every day Lexer is expanding Listen’s data universe, adding features and insight, all to help our clients infuse data into everyday decisions.

Lexer Action Cloud
SaaS tools for Data Driven Decisions.

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