What sudden virtual classrooms made evident about education today.

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In March teachers all over the nation were blindsided by the choice for schools to shut down and go virtual. It was a necessary action to slow the spread of COVID 19 and give hospitals the time to prepare themselves for the oncoming pandemic.

Today the debate about returning to classrooms is in full swing. This is a difficult place for us all to be. Parents and educators alike find themselves in the midst of tough decisions about what the end of August might look like for them.

I cannot say…

The best advice my therapist ever gave me.

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The most valuable thing my therapist taught me was to mind my own business. Here’s how that conversation went.

Me (synopsis): Lamenting about something to do with my ex, how he’d been horrible and now was with someone else and probably had been with that person when we were together and why was that happening and who was this woman and what was she like and why were people telling me she looked like me, dressed like me, and so on, and would he do to her what he’d done to me……

Avoiding decision fatigue in a few simple steps.

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I’m interested in resources. Not the kind we harvest from the earth, but the intangible kind that we use every day and rarely think about. Things like time, a non-renewable resource, are important and fascinating.

I’ve been thinking a lot about energy and will power. I’ve been thinking about ego and a sense of self, which might be a resource too, the self.

Recently I attended a training in which the trainer used the term “decision fatigue.” I’d never heard the term before, but I could immediately point to moments in my life when I had felt this thing. An…

My breakup with archery and the lessons it taught me.

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Sometimes quitting is the best option.

We live in a world of false positivity and toxic can-do attitudes. We are tricked into believing that if we work hard enough, we can reach any goal we set.

It isn’t true.

Three and a half years ago, when I was going through a tough time, I took up archery as a hobby. I was, of course, terrible. But I progressed pretty quickly at first. That’s the nature of learning something new. …

But it isn’t okay to stop moving forward.

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I woke up this morning with a lot of self-doubt. Always a pleasant way to start a day.

Yesterday I felt sick to my stomach most of the afternoon and evening. I don’t know why. The only relief was to lay on my left side (the recovery position, my boyfriend tells me). I watched a lot of movies. I read a lot of descriptions of movies on Prime, Netflix, and Hulu.

Sometimes I’m shocked at how bad the writing in the world is. I’m not the most stellar writer, but I do…

Moving to Open Educational Resources could save teachers, students, and schools a lot of money.

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Open Educational Resource should be the future of education.

I work for an online school that has slowly moved towards OER. I’m not sure they know that’s what they are doing, but I can see it happening. Two years ago we mostly abandoned our canned curriculum. Instead of paying the curriculum company for the extra service of connecting their content to our platform, we only bought rights to the content. Our teachers then copied what they wanted from it into their online courses.

It was…

How a nighttime ritual is the key to your morning routine.

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I’m not naturally a morning person. Whenever I’ve got a string of days off of work, I find myself up later and later each night and out of bed later and later each morning. This is problematic because it seems that mornings are the key to success.

Morning routines are the darling of the productivity world.

And they work, don’t get me wrong. I have a morning routine that will, when followed, set any day up to be productive. But the later I sleep, the more things get dropped…

And not shouting into an empty void either.

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I’m not new to writing.

As a child, I wrote stories, a poem about a goat, journals. I remember writing in a journal as young as third grade, though what I had to write about is long forgotten. What do third graders reflect on at the end of their day?

In middle school, I wrote long, rambling stories about a cast of characters I wanted to grow up to be. There was rarely much story arch. Very little ever happened. But I fell in love with the process, and I learned to type.

I was a poet, a novelist, and…

You can find the time you need, you just have to look for it.

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This woman I know was recently telling me about a guy she’d gone on a couple of dates with. She was into him and she believed he was pretty into her too. He’d told her he was. But now he was half ghosting; one-word response days after she send the question, not available to talk, out of town.

“He’s really busy,” she said.

There’s no such thing as busy.

For a while, I was busy. You know that kind of busy that makes you feel like your pitbull is laying across your chest and you can’t get a full breath…

Stop limiting your unlimited choices.

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My friend Amy (not her real name) is a doer. She’s always doing something. Golfing, kayaking, seeing a band, going to a baseball game, whatever. She’s down to do anything that seems remotely fun or interesting.

She’s also single, is on some dating apps, and goes on dates. Lots of dates. Fun dates with a variety of men.

It seems low stakes for her. I think she’s doing it right, because she enjoys going out with the men she meets online, getting to know them, and having new experiences. …

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