what i have learned on the last day of february

today i have learned that sometimes, today especially, life is hard. God appears to be testing you, and you wonder why it keeps happening. over and over again. but this chain of events could end up being a wake up call.

i have learned that i need to take life one day at a time, one moment at a time and not let one instant ruin the rest of my day. for example, this morning i got into a minor car accident, one of many, and i was super upset. i wanted to cry. i wanted to curse at God and ask him why he kept putting me in this situation. but then i thought better of it, and let it go. sure, it wasn’t the greatest situation to be in, however, it could have been a lot worse. i was recently in a roll-over accident last fall and nearly died from it, but Got was on my side, as he always is, and that should have woken me up, but for some reason I’m not affected by it like anyone else would probably be.

So today, I am thankful. I am learning to take every difficult trial as a blessing from God.

Everything is gonna be okay. Never Give Up.

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