First Ever Blog

I have many stories to tell from my short 17 years. So many that I am adamant about getting my own reality TV show started on MTV. I guess I should start with the basics on beginning to explain myself a little. I’m a seventeen year old caught in between my teenage and adult years as most kids are at this age. A very confusing time this is and will continue to be probably until my mid 20’s. I tend to manage by keeping myself occupied with anything possible. I never stop and I never will. No one can hold me back because I have learned the hard way that I am my biggest enemy and my biggest supporter. Knowing this, I make all decisions based on myself for I am the only one I have at the end of the day. Call that selfish. Call that ignorant. I really don’t care because that is life. I swear I’m one one of the nicest people you will ever meet if I feel like acting as so. But that’s the key part. I only do what I feel like doing. If I will myself to do something, I will always get it done. Will power is a necessary trait to get by in this world. Living in Chicago as a young white girl has taught me loads on keeping a strong head and shoulders. We ALL experience hate, bias, and judgement. I have experienced stereotypical categorizing just as much as anyone else for the color of my skin, eyes, and my hair back when it was bleached blonde. Don’t believe the fools that try to spit that only one type of person is targeted; we are all targeted here on earth. That is why we must work for ourselves while trying to coexist with the rest of the population. I fully believe that one is able to make all decisions based on what they need while being able to not hurt others. That seems to be my philosophy, as messed up as it sounds. Although my first descriptive blog doesn’t really give a visual on me, visuals are not necessary. Ideas and thought patterns are what need to be shared for those are what actually make people people. The surface is just a rouse used to allure the weak minded. My surface tricks people everyday as that’s how I like to keep it. You never want people to be able to guess your mind that easily. And if they can, you better keep them around. It takes true soul connection to be able to read and predict others, unless they are just too vapid to be a mystery to anyone. There is only one person I’ve met in this life that has seemed to understand me, predict my actions, and narrate my thoughts before I even knew they were there. This person is one of the few people I’ve met in my life that constantly keeps my on my toes. I often times am infuriated by him because he is so similar to me and I myself am a very infuriating person. We are both like this because we both share the same idea of doing what we want and only what we want. We come off as heartless assholes sometimes, but in reality we are just trying to get by with as little damage as possible. This boy will be described much more in depth, just as I will be on my blog. I hope as a first post that someone can understand what I am trying to convey in the slightest…Catch you later.