Discovered Trends from the “Climate File”

I recently started using Flipboard, which enables anyone to curate whatever stories they’re interested in, and for me one of those things is climate change.

To that end, I’ve begun “flipping” articles into a list called the Climate File, which has in turn allowed others to “reflip” the stories into their own feeds. To anyone familiar with Flipboard, this is elementary, but I mention it here because seeing what has been reported on the subject has led me to see that several trends are surfacing all at once. Among them are:

  • Wind, solar, and renewables in general have taken off in the US and worldwide
  • Biofuels are getting real, even if they don’t smell so great
  • Arctic drilling ran into snags, hopefully permanent ones
  • Big worry is melting permafrost, which could be a ticking time-bomb

Like our warming planet, this is only the beginning, folks. There’s going to be more to come. At the risk of sounding trite, stay tuned.