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Maybe instead of all of us coming on here and moaning and graoning about this fraud of a president, we should be writing and calling all of the media sources who are pandering to this vulgar and lying con artist who is leading us circuitously to the gas chamber. This is not funny. This man is extremely dangerous. All of this BS he throws at the wall is sticking like crazy glue to his pathetic follower’s. Daily this liar is affecting the U.S. and other countries, affecting the stock market, causing major distrust throughout the world. The questions that were put to him yesterday by May and another from the U.K. is a lesson to the media here. They didn’t pussy-foot around him. It was the best questioning of the tyrant I’ve seen since this whole circus began. He began his assault on the media from day one. He has had 19 months to drill down to his brain-dead follower’s who thrive on lies. Anyone who has read any history from 1933 alone would know exactly what he is doing.