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Why are we here? What are we doing? What’s our purpose? These eternal questions have seemed to forever drive mankind. I typically subscribe to the dogma that religion, and its cascading organizations, are the most manipulative and destructive, as they prevent people from asking why to the most critical questions. Religion seems absurdly simple: people who lived before passed down anecdotes, and their descendants are still trying to convince others of their validity. To be fair, such narratives were quasi-valid (and necessary) at the time they were conceived. Try to imagine a world where every day you saw a burning ball floating in the sky, but could not explain its existence. …

As an American, it’s impossible to ignore our sometimes painful history.

When I heard that local authorities in Charlottesville, VA were preparing for a large gathering of white supremacists— the largest gathering of these groups in decades— I wasn’t surprised. …

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I have an OVO sticker on my MacBook, 3 hoodies and 2 hats with the OVO Owl on it, a giant Take Care poster in my room, and I subconsciously blurt out obscure Drake verses in everyday conversation. …


Lexie Ernst

University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Co-Founder @getcompanion

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