Five Things I like & don’t like about the Internet

The good…

  1. Google has all the answers! Have a question? Just google it and thousands of responses will be at your finger tips (how else would someone pass high school chemistry?).
  2. Google maps. I’ll say it again: Google maps. Without it, I don’t know where’d I be (I mean this quite literally).
  3. Road trips are never bland with pandora blaring throwbacks :).
  4. Netflix! While I should feel bad about this addiction, I’ll use by favorite binge to explain my true emotions: Shameless.
  5. There is nothing better than falling asleep to my nemesis’ → sister’s → daughter’s → best friend’s instagram.

The ugly…

  1. WiFi withdrawl is a real. And cruel. *insert separation anxiety*
  2. The only thing ‘unplugged’ about me is my wireless headphones.
  3. Face time is an app, not a conversation.
  4. The start of all family feuds, and ultimatly the beginning of an all out brawl, is the Verizion notification that says 90% of the data has been used.
  5. I know my best friends wifi passwords, not their home addresses or cellphone numbers.